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Felger: Why the Bruins are my team

11.29.08 at 11:31 am ET

Here’s the weekly Barbara Walters “I’m going to make you cry”/Ron Burgundy “I’m trapped in a glass case of emotion” moment from Mike Felger’s must-read mailbag this week where he opens up about the Bruins, and delves into the unbelievably wholesome reasons why the Black and Gold have always been his hockey team.

Things got a little dusty in the home offices of Pucks with Haggs when the Comcast SportsNet “Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight” host/Boston sports media version of Larry David busted out mention of the table top hockey game, as I had one of the Bruins/Canadiens versions as a youngster as well until my dad, the famed Stump from Stoneham, stepped on and completely crushed the ice surface during a late night, lights out stumble to the bathroom.

Ah, the memories of an angry dad with a throbbing foot and a busted hockey game…anyway, here’s Felger. For those interested, by the way, I’ll be on “Sports Tonight” with Felgie next Thursday to talk Bruins and Red Sox, so set your DVRs to stun.

Also, get your hockey questions ready for me, Felger and any other WEEI personality, or any member of the Boston Bruins organization (within reason, any crazy/offensive/restraining order material questions will be immediately discarded), and I’m going to do my best to get answers for you in the “Pucks With Haggs” Mailbag set to debut next week. Send me good questions at, and I’ll get you some good answers…But for now, here’s Felgie

Keep up the good work on Comcast reminding everyone on that station (especially Dick…erson) which sport rules in this part of the country. 

People around here play hockey, their kids play hockey, their Dad’s played, and so on.  You don’t see the best college basketball programs, or team USA for that matter, littered with Mass/New England guys like in hockey.

The Bruins crush the Celtics in the ratings, even in championship seasons like last year. You’re the berries, Felger. Stay strong, and get that Montreal Canadians-loving Tanguay to talk some more Bruins with you!
Dan Gorman

A: A couple of things.


1. The Bruins used to win the ratings battle with the C’s, but not recently. Last Friday, for example, the teams went head-to-head, with the C’s-Timberwolves drawing a 4.4 and Bruins-Panthers earning a 2.1. If the Bruins start contending for titles again, those numbers will certainly tighten, but the B’s aren’t there yet.


2. Yes, I am the berries.


And 3. It’s taken no time at all for my latent Bruins chronic-ness to come frothing to the surface. I can’t help it. That team is in my blood like no other around here. Why is that, you ask?…..What, you didn’t ask? Too bad.


Here’s my story: Of course, it comes from childhood. Growing up and playing hockey as a kid in Milwaukee, I had no team, so I had to pick one. The Bruins were it. It all stems from a table hockey game my father bought us when I was six. My brother was the Canadiens and I was the Bruins. That’s all it took. My family would go see the B’s in Chicago at the old stadium, the greatest hockey building ever, through the 70’s (I remember being at an overtime win in the playoffs in 1978 — either Park or McNabb with the game-winner).

We watched on TV when we could, which was sparingly in those days. Anyway, I think if you’re a true fan, the teams you rooted for when you were young (call it 13 and younger) are the teams you are stuck on for life. If you change allegiances, even after moving to a particular city, you’re a fraudulent sports fan. Or a chick (sorry, girls).

For example: I like the Red Sox. They are an interesting team to cover and I want them to do well. But they’re my second-favorite team. If they ever played the Brewers in the World Series, it wouldn’t even be a choice in my mind. And that’s even though I’ve lived in Boston (20 years and counting), longer than I did Milwaukee (16 years).

Same thing goes for the Celtics. They’re a likable team, and it’s good for the league that they’re on top again. But I was at the MECCA all those years in the 80’s when the Bucks had their hearts ripped out by Larry Bird. So I see that green uniform and I can’t help but feel some animosity. Still. I can’t help it. If I felt any different I wouldn’t be a real fan.

I wouldn’t expect any of you to move to Detroit and suddenly start rooting for the Pistons, would I? I don’t care how long you lived there. You couldn’t do it. This is the world according to Felger. Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. Back to the point: I’m glad the Bruins are good again.

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