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Some piping hot links for a slow hockey morning

03.26.09 at 9:08 am ET

On the way out the door to Ristucca Arena, but wanted to share a few links before heading out to the Deep Freeze in Wilmington.

–Many Bruins fans are hoping that there will be need to be some serious editing done to the Bruins entry in the Urban Dictionary. Seems a little dated when the most current B’s name referenced in it is the Razor, Andrew Raycroft, and it may soon be revision time. Here’s my personal favorite definition complete with self-fulfilling Doomsday prophecy for B’s fans.

3. bruins 27 up, 17 down 
bostons hockey team that cant get out of the first round
bruins fan: the bruins went 82-0 
bruins fan2: it doesnt matter man they’ll be gone in the first round

–Four goals in the last 18 games and a whopping -9 for Vinny Lecavalier coming down the stretch here, and now he needs a kick in the pants at the Bell Centre to get him going. Just imagine the heaping amounts of  catcalls and abuse this puck “savior” would have endured in Boston if the B’s brain trust had offered up the farm for My Center Vinny, and then he performed like he is right now. Lecavalier is trending downward, and can we all finally admit this might have been a No Show Joe-type disaster if he’d come to the Hub.   

 –Raise your hand if you’re shocked — or even mildly surprised — that Hal Gill has been spotted wearing a sky blue snuggie around the Pittsburgh Penguins’ dressing room, and he’s actually admitting it. What, no hands raised? “I have to wear (the snuggie) now,” said Gill to a Pittsburgh radio station. “This team is pretty superstitious and they’re going to make sure I’m wearing it.”

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