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Ference being smart about not rushing his “undisclosed injury”

04.22.09 at 12:32 pm ET

MONTREAL, Quebec — No pre-game skate this morning for the Bruins, but blueliner Andrew Ference once again skated hard for a good 30-40 minutes on the ice. The defenseman appears to be getting closer to a return, and might be ready to go should this series somehow go longer than Wednesday night’s Game 4. Ference has been out since April 4 with an undisclosed injury, but he’s skated the last three days in a row and should be back with the team in practice any day now.

It looks as the puck-moving D will be be ready to go should the Bruins advance to the next round against the Rangers, Penguins or Carolina Hurricanes — depending on which of those low-seeds advances before the team’s re-seed for the next round.  In the Cloak and Dagger world of postseason injuries nothing can be said with ultimate certainty, but the 30-year-old appears on  the verge of a return. That still didn’t stop the personable Ference from admitting that it “sucks” not being healthy enough to play against the hated Habs.

Ference’s placement back on Boston’s healthy roster of bodies will be a huge addition to the Bruins. His skill-set, skating speed and puck abilities are very similar to those of Matt Hunwick, who will be out for the next 4-6 weeks after rupturing his spleen during Game 1 against the Canadiens. Here’s a few questions and answers with Ference following his skating session at the Bell Centre on Wednesday morning:

Did you do everything you wanted to do out there? AF: Yeah, it was good. We have smart trainers that have a pretty good schedule about how to be smart and get back. I did what I was supposed to do and check off everything that they wanted to see me do today. It was great.

Some of that is them holding you back from hurting yourself, right? AF: It’s working together. Obviously as a player when you have an injury you have a responsbility to be smart about it and listen. You don’t want bravado to get in the way of doing the proper thing.

How difficult is it keeping bravado out of it? AF: Much like the last time I was hurt, it’s much easier when you see your team win and having some success. It’s like a balance. You really want to be a part of it, but by the same token you want to be smart. I couldn’t step out there for our next game and be beneficial to my team, so you have to be smart about it.  When something happens to you you’ve got to realize it’s out of your control and do the right thing.

That being said, if we were to drop some games it would get me a lot more antsy to get into the lineup and help as much as I can. Winning is such a positive feeling around the locker room that it makes it an easier thing for injured guys coming back. It’s such a more positive atmosphere to be around. It’s good mentally, I guess.

Short series or long series, were you hoping that you’d get in a game or two if went long or are you just glad to potentially be getting some rest before Round 2? AF:No, I definitely don’t want to see the series go any longer, but when I saw the matchup against the Canadiens I really wanted to be a part of it. Obviously a lot has been said about the history and the intensity of our rivalry. Those are the types of series that you have really good memories of right now. It sucks to not be a part of it right now, but maybe if it goes deep I will be a part of it. Only time will tell.

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