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Live-blogging from 2009 NHL Draft at Bell Centre

MONTREAL — 7:16 pm: Islanders on the clock. TSN is reporting that Chris Pronger [1] has been traded to the Philadelphia Flyers [2]. Haven’t heard what the Ducks received in return for the former Hart Trophy winner, but I hope the Bruins weren’t in the running only to get beat out by the Flyers.

7:18: John Tavares taken with first pick. Garth Snow’s shroud of secrecy lifted!

7:19: My own conspiracy theory amid reports that Kessel-for-Kaberle is dead because of a miscommunication over the No. 7 pick in this year’s draft: this trade was never really going to happen. I get the sense that this was a smoke screen-type deal/rumor put out by there by a couple of friendly GMs looking to move each player, and hoping the rumor would smoke some other interested teams out of the woodwork. I don’t think there’s much miscommunication between Chiarelli and Brian Burke, but that’s just one hockey writer’s opinion.

7:29: Tampa Bay takes Victor Hedman. The Philadelphia Flyers acquiring Chris Pronger really makes that Winter Classic between Philly and the Boston Bruins [3] all the more interesting next season. The Flyers have that reputation as a gritty, tough, bullying, sometimes-dirty hockey team, and Pronger just adds even more to that. Lupul, Sbisa and two firsts is a lot to give up, but Pronger is a game-changer.

7:38: Gary Bettman just made the Chris Pronger trade officia. Pronger and Dingle to Philly for Lupul, Sbisa, 2009 and 2010 first round picks and a conditional 2010/2011 draft pick. Colorado takes Matt Duchesne.

7:47: Evander Kane to the Atlanta Thrashers [4]. This draft is going very much according to Hoyle so far. Chris Pronger to the Flyers is the biggest shock wave.

7:53: People are mercilessly ripping Thrashers jersey that Kane was wearing. Love it.

7:54: Kings execs work the right side of the Montreal crowd by lobbing verbal bouqets at Luc Robitaille. In both English and French. Well done…well done.

7:56: Brayden Schenn taken by LA Kings. No shockers or head-scratchers yet.

7:59: NHL [5] Commissioner Gary Bettman strides to the mike and puts a little more oomph on the word PHOENIX when announcing that the Phoenix Coyotes [6] are on the clock. Partisan crowd in Montreal responds by chanting “Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton”.

8:03: Coyotes select Oliver Eckman-Larsson. One of the ‘D’ that the Bruins might have been targeting had they been able to move up and take the Maple Leafs first round pick.

8:11: Nazem Kadri taken by the Leafs at the No. 7 spot. Great mini-drama going on with Brian Burke getting booed each time there was a shot of him on the Jumbotron at the Bell Centre [7]. When it first happened, he looked up at the screen after a few seconds of booing, nodded his head back and forth and then gave a glowering smirk at the camera. Classic Burkie.

8:19: Scott Glennie to the Dallas Stars. Two picks in a row that have been a little unconventional. I like it. Some of the defenseman are dropping in the first round. That’s a good thing for the Bruins if they plan to move up a little bit.

8:27: Senators take Jared Cowan. Good choice on a player that slid a little bit after ACL surgery on his knee this season. Another D-man that might have been in the mix for the Bruins had they traded up.

8:37: Magnus Pajaarvi-Svenss0n to the Edmonton Oilers [8]. I made a Swedish chef joke on Twitter after yet another good God-fearing Swede taken by an NHL [9] team in the first round. You can follow me at HackswithHaggs.

8:44: Ryan Ellis taken by Nashville Predators [10]. Undersized defenseman, but has all the other tools needed in the new fast-paced world of the NHL. Kassian is still available if that’s the player that the Bruins really want.

8:50: One minute warning to Minnesota given by Gary Bettman. He looks like he an itchy trigger finger. Perhaps this is where the Bruins move up and grab their man.

8:57: Islanders trade up to select Calvin De Haan, who the ESPN.com mock draft had going 30th to the Pittsburgh Penguins [11]. Not exactly sure why Isles GM Garth Snow felt the need to trade up one spot just to grab this guy. This coupled with the Cloak and Dagger stuff concerning Taveres at the top spot make you scratch your head.

9:03: Zack Kassian by the Buffalo Sabres [12] team that coveted him. That had to sting for Bruins fans that were imagining the bruising Kassian and Lucic skating on the same team.

9:13: Florida Panthers [13] take Dmitry Kulikov, and the tantalizing players that the Bruins might have been angling for are dwindling. Was told that Kulikov was very impressive with the way he threw himself into learning both English and French when he came to play for Drummondville.

9:15: Peter Hollland taken by Anaheim Ducks [14]. Not going to lie. I know nothing about this kid. Great tweet by @cupofchowdah “PC is doing his best Danny Ainge ’09 draft impression right now”

9:21: Minnesota Wild [15] take Mr. Minnesota hockey Nick Leddy with their selection. Nothing like a hockey prospect from Eden Prairie, I say.

9:27: Another Swede. David Rundblad taken by the St. Louis Blues. Defenseman. Didn’t have a hot girlfriend with him. John Moore and Simon Despres are still on the board for the Bruins. Moore is somebody that the B’s met with multiple times prior to the draft.

9:35: Pro-Habs crowd giving Quebec native Louis Leblanc the “We are not worthy treatment” after the Canadiens take the local boy. The Canadiens could really bring the house down if they announced a trade for Vinny Lecavalier as well. Leblanc will be playing for Harvard University next season. Had to sting the Crimson maffia to see him wearing the CH sweater.

9:46: New York Rangers [16] take Chris Kreider. Local boy that went to Masconomet Regional High School and then to Phillips Andover under coach Dean Boylan. Don’t know if the Bruins were as interested in him as they let on, but Boston hockey fans will get a front row seat watching him for Boston College [17] at Fenway Park [18] next year.

9:53: Trade between Flames and New Jersey Devils [19], and the Devils select Jacob Josefson with the pick. There is simply nothing going on at the Bruins table right now. The fifth Swede taken in tonight’s first round. P.J. Axelsson must be beaming with pride.

10:00: Columbus Blue Jackets [20] select John Moore. There goes another potential D prospect that the Bruins might have been able to snare. Four picks away now.

10:05: Apologize in advance as I’m going to have to walk away for a few minutes while I talk on the phone to Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni from Sports Tonight. We need to talk some Phil Kessel [21] on CSN. Should be fun. Because we all know hockey is the sport of Gary’s French-Canadian people.

10:09: Jordan Schreoder taken by the Vancouver Canucks [22] after it was announced by Roberto Luongo [23]. University of Minnesota player. Undersized but skilled.

Okay…let’s fast forward to the good stuff. Boston Bruins select winger Jordan Caron (Rimouski Oceanic) with the 25th pick. Big 6-foot-2 kid, strong on the puck, has a good release and a strong shot. B’s GM Peter Chiarelli said that he was “power forward tendencies” and said that he’s got some skills that are reminiscent of Glen Murray [24].