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Tom Brady’s latest video is more Patriots porn

01.26.15 at 2:32 am ET

Just when you think you can’t be any more fired up — when you’ve spent an entire week standing your ground at the wall fighting off the Orc army of Patriots haters coming at you in waves until you can’t hold back any more and you’re ready to finally drop the gate and go on the attack — along comes Tom Brady with this gem.

Seriously, if I was in the Patriots locker room and Brady showed this clip … with it’s seamless back and forth from this year’s playoffs all the way back to Corey Dillon, Mike Vrabel and David Patten to Troy Brown … trust me, I’d crash through the wall like the Kool Aid guy to get on that field and get him that fourth ring.

Tom Brady: The Jack Horner of Patriots porn. Is there nothing he cannot do?

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