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NHL Power Rankings 12/2

Posted By Graig Woodburn On December 2, 2009 @ 11:07 am In General | No Comments


Two months into the season, a good week can still make or break a team’s spot in the WEEI.com power rankings.

New Jersey Devils [1] 1. (3) 17-6-1  The Devils go 3-0 this week, thanks in part to Zach Parise [2]‘s slick shootout move against Tuukka Rask [3] in Friday’s win over the B’s. Losing David Clarkson [4] (broken leg) is the only dark spot on the horizon.

Calgary Flames [5]2. (4) 17-6-3  Sure, perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch, but the Flames have won four in a row, are 10-1-3 on the road and are playing as well as any team in the league.

Chicago Blackhawks [6]3. (2) 17-6-3 Back-to-back losses in Southern California spoil a 4-0 start to a six-game road trip for the Blackhawks. Bounce-back shootout victory over Columbus Tuesday.

San Jose Sharks [7]4. (1) 19-6-4 The Sharks were 3-1 this week. That’s still not good enough to hold the top spot.

Pittsburgh Penguins [8]5. (5) 19-9-0  They stood steady this week, but the Penguins should be marching up the rankings soon with Alex Goligoski [9], Kris Letang [10] and Tyler Kennedy [11] back on board.

Washington Capitals [12]6. (6) 16-5-6 The Caps go 3-0, but the direction in which the combustible Alexander Ovechkin [13] is heading is a bit of a concern.

Minnesota Wild [14]7. (17). 15-7-2 Yeah, we’re meandering all over the place with the Sabres. But a 3-0 week, return to first place and two games in hand on the B’s has to count for something. So does Ryan Miller [15]‘s league-best 1.84 GAA and .934  SP.

Nashville Predators [16]8. (9) 15-10-1 A 5-0 setback to Calgary Monday still leaves the Predators 8-2 in last their last 10. Ryan Suter [17] is getting things done on defense.

Atlanta Thrashers [18]9. (19) 14-7-3 The Thrashers win four this week to improve to 7-1-2 in their last 10. Defenseman Pavel Kubina [19] is plus-12 over that stretch and plus-16 on the season.

Boston Bruins [20] 10. (16) 13-8-5 The Bruins (6-1-3) have a better record than the Sharks (6-2-2) over the last 10 games. You knew that, right?

Los Angeles Kings [21] 11. (12 ) 16-10-2 Big win for the Kings over Chicago Saturday, followed by a Freeway Faceoff victory over the rival Ducks on Tuesday.

Colorado Avalanche [22]12. (11) 15-8-5  The Avalanche went 1-1-2 this week, which in the NHL is a form of progress. Rookie Matt Duchene [23] has four goals and three assists in his last seven games.

Ottawa Senators [24]13. (8) 13-8-4  In the opening period against the Bruins Saturday, the Senators showed great speed and skill. GM Bryan Murray has something here, but goaltending is a question mark.

Phoenix Coyotes [25]14. (13) 15-11-1 In their effort to rise from the bottom of the league standings, the Coyotes have gone 6-3-1 within the Pacific Division and 12-7-1 in the conference. That’s taking flight.

Dallas Stars [26] 15. (7) 12-8-7  The Stars have dropped three of their last four. Getting back defenseman Nicklas Grossman [27], the team’s plus/minus leader (plus-6), later this week should help change that trend.

Detriot Red Wings [28]16. (15) 13-9-4 After dropping three straight, including being shut out in consecutive home games, the Red Wings pick up back-to-back wins, scoring four goals in each victory. Yeah, consistency might be an issue.

Tampa Bay Lightning [29] 17. (18) 10-7-8 The Lightning have lost five of their last seven (2-3-2), but don’t blame Steve Stamkos [30], who has four goals and four assists over that stretch.

Vancouver Canucks [31]18. (20) 14-12-0 After a 3-2 homestand, the Canucks embark upon a four-game eastern road trip. Look for that to go well.

Philadelphia Flyers [32]19. (14) 13-10-1 Less than a month before they arrive at Fenway, the Flyers have lost five of their last six. A cold, frustrated Chris Pronger [33] on New Year’s Day could be must-see TV.

Columbus Blue Jackets [34] 20. (12) 13-9-5  The Blue Jackets ended a five-game losing steak by beating St. Louis Monday. A three-game homestand could further help the recovery.

Anaheim Ducks [35]21. (24) 10-12-4  Goalie J.S. Giguere [36] is getting his groove back for the Ducks, going 3-0-1 with a 1.77 GAA and .944 SP in his last four games.

Florida Panthers [37]22. (22) 10-12-4  The Panthers have lost five straight, and defenseman Keith Ballard [38] accidentally knocked stellar goalie Tomas Vokoun [39] out of Monday’s game with an errant stick swing. That’s a bad week.

New York Islanders [40]23. (21) 10-10-7  Win one, lose one, rookie John Tavares [41] scores one. Your 2009-10 New York Islanders.

New York Rangers [42] 24. (23 ) 13-13-1 Given the chance to open up his game, Marian Gaborik [43] leads the league in goals and the Rangers still lose hockey games. We love whatever hockey gods set up this scenario.

Montreal Canadiens [44]25. (25) 12-13-2  Division games against Toronto, Buffalo and Boston this week provide the Canadiens a chance to jump back into the thick of things. Or not.

Minnesota Wild [45] 26. (26) 10-12-3 The Wild went 2-0-1 this week and 5-2-3 in their last 10 games. They should be moving from the bottom of the conference soon.

St. Louis Blues [46]27. (27) 10-10-5 The Blues meander through a 4-3 stretch with defenseman Erik Johnson [47] continuing to lead the team in scoring (18 points). If St. Louis finds its offense, this team could get back where it belongs.

Toronto Maple Leafs [48]28. (29) 7-12-7 After playing in Boston Saturday, the Maple Leafs will return home, play two games and then head back to Boston, while the Bruins simply wait without a game. Interesting to see how that plays out.

Edmonton Oilers [49]29. (28) 10-13-4  The Oilers have the league’s worst record (2-5-3) over the last 10 games, with a five-game road trip ahead of them. Could a drop to 30th place be far behind?

Carolina Hurricanes [50]30. (30) 5-17-5  The Hurricanes lose five in a row and defenseman Joe Corvo [51] for 2-3 months with a lacerated calf after being cut with a skate. Hurts just to think about it.

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