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Slumping Bruins: ‘We have to win sooner or later’

Three of the most prominent leaders on the Bruins are sounding the same theme ‘€” wins are right around the corner.

The problem is the Bruins have to turn the corner first. On Wednesday, they got back to practice in Belmont [1] and the business of pounding the pavement ‘€” or ice ‘€” and looking for the positive street signs ahead.

But Zdeno Chara [2], Marc Savard [3] and Tim Thomas [4] all believe in their hearts that their current eight-game skid ‘€” the team’s longest in 54 seasons ‘€” will soon be a thing of the past.

‘€œWe always can get going and find a way to motivate ourselves,” said Chara [5], who has been playing with a dislocated left pinkie finger that will likely need surgery in the offseason, according to ESPN. “We have to put this one behind us and there’€™s a new day tomorrow. We just have to get ready for the next game and keep trying. We have to win sooner or later.’€

That next game is against archrival Montreal on Thursday night at TD Garden, a place they haven’t won in since Dec. 30 ‘€” an unbelievable stretch of seven home games. Their last home win was on New Year’s Day at Fenway Park [6] against the Flyers in overtime.

The Bruins certainly showed fight and determination on Tuesday, when they led the NHL-leading Washington Captials after one and were tied with them after 40 minutes. But then, the third period came, and the Bruins were washed away by a torrent of scoring ‘€” the kind of offense the Bruins have been unable to find recently.

‘€œThat’€™s the thing,” Savard said [7]. “It’€™s just a matter of sticking with it. It’€™s tough, trust me, it’€™s tough. I’€™ve been in these situations before and I think a lot of guys have so hopefully that can pull us through. We keep getting efforts like that. It feels like our old Bruins are coming, we’€™re coming. The guys are coming one line after the other. And it’€™s just got to go in [the net]. When that floodgate opens, I hope it opens for awhile.’€

Then, there’s the goaltending. Tim Thomas has had his fair share of bad luck, allowing only one goal on Tuesday night that could be considered his sole responsibility. To Thomas, this is a crisis of confidence, nothing more, nothing less.

‘€œAt this point, we’€™re playing so well that it’€™s just all about confidence and getting the confidence back,” Thomas said [8]. “From me, up through the defenseman and to the guys that do the scoring. They’€™re right there. It’€™s all in our heads. We’€™re giving the physical effort.’€