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Seidenberg: ‘Happy to be joining’ B’s

As promised, here is the rest of the transcript from the Boston media’s conference call with newly acquired defenseman Dennis Seidenberg [1] courtesy of Bruins media relations staff

Opening statement’€¦

First of all I’€™m very glad and happy to be joining the franchise. It has a lot of history and a lot of success and I’€™m excited to join a team that’€™s hopefully going to be going deep into the playoffs. I’€™m going to be looking forward to that.

On if he’€™s hoping to stay in the same place for multiple seasons’€¦
Well first of all, I’€™m really happy to be playing for the Bruins. I think, myself, I think that’€™s what I’€™m looking for. I want to produce a little bit offensively. I don’€™t know what else I’€™m going to do, but I’€™m looking forward to my time here. Over the past few years I’€™ve been traded a few times and I’€™d like to stay in one spot for a long period of time. If it’€™s in Boston, great. So that’€™s my goal for now. I’€™m really looking to get a long-term deal somewhere.

On if he considered signing with Boston last summer as a free agent’€¦
I’€™m not sure if Boston was on my shopping list. Me, personally, I hadn’€™t talked to them. There was a possibility that my agent had, but I can’€™t remember if they were on the list. I would certainly like to have come to Boston, but there wasn’€™t an opportunity though, or chance to do that.

On if he thought the Bruins would struggle this year, based on what he saw against them in the playoffs with Carolina last year’€¦
I mean, if you look at the team, they’€™re almost the same team that they were last year so there’€™s no doubt in my mind that they have a chance to go deep in the playoffs again this year. What are the reasons for this year’€™s struggle? I don’€™t know, I haven’€™t followed it too close. But hopefully we’€™ll be going strong the next few games and find our position in the top eight for the playoffs.

On if he thinks Boston needs scoring help’€¦
My thoughts on Boston? They’€™re definitely a really skilled team. Last year they were scoring a ton I think, so I don’€™t know what the reasons for this year’€™s scoring drought is. On the other hand, I think Boston plays a really well-played system. They play smart hockey, they don’€™t give up a lot of turnovers, they wait for the other team to make mistakes and then jump on it. I always had a hard time playing against them because they kind of wait for the other team to make mistakes and then try to use it for their advantage.

On what it was like in Florida with all the rumors and issues’€¦
It was tough. Everybody knew they could have gotten traded, but at the end, we all didn’€™t have control of what was going to happen. All we could do was just go out and play. We tried to do that and it didn’€™t really work out as well as we would have liked to, but we at least tried to put our heads into the game and play hockey.

On if he knows Marco Sturm [2] or anyone else on the team’€¦
No, I haven’€™t played with anybody else. Oh yeah, maybe, I played with Mark Recchi [3] in Philly for probably two years, so I know him. When I got into the league I was 20 and he was one of the older guys so we weren’€™t too tight but I know him. Other than Marco, it’€™s only Rex and that’€™s about it.

On how the trade process happened today’€¦
I came to the rink, I got called in by [Panthers Head Coach] Pete DeBoer and he told me to hold tight and just wait for a couple hours because they were close to trading me. So I just waited around and then after awhile I got called up to the GM’€™s office and told me I was traded to Boston. Then I got home, had lunch, and I was getting ready to leave.