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Thornton on D&H: ‘I wish I had knocked him out’

03.19.10 at 11:15 am ET

Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton was a guest of the Dale & Holley show Friday morning (audio here) to talk about Thursday night’s game against the Penguins and his fight with Matt Cooke. “I tried to address it as best I could,” Thornton said. “I wish the fight would have went on a little longer, and I wish I had knocked him out. It didn’t happen, unfortunately. But it was addressed. I think that was the biggest thing. He didn’t have to fight me, and he did. I think that sort of put some water on the fire.”

Asked what he said to Cooke before they fought, Thornton said he suggested Cook remove his helmet, but the Penguins forward elected not to. “I was just asking what he wanted to do, I didn’t really care,” Thornton said. Thornton proceeded to remove Cooke’s helmet for him before landing a big right hand to the face.

Thornton said it was important that Cooke accepted Thornton’s challenge last night, for both teams’ sake. “I don’t respect people that play the game the wrong way. I think that’s probably evident by me throwing punches when he was down on his knees, because I don’t ever do that,” Thornton said. “I have to give him credit for stepping up and taking one in the head for his team, because it could have got a lot uglier for guys who probably didn’t deserve it to be ugly for if he didn’t do that.”

Like the fans who booed the Bruins’ effort Thursday night, Thornton was surprised by his team’s lackluster performance. “We just didn’t bring enough emotion or energy,” Thornton said. “I have no answer for the lack of energy, other than guys being sick, but that’s not an excuse for anything. I’m just saying some guys were under the weather. But the guys that aren’t could have played better, too.”

Thornton said he was impressed with the energy from the fans. “I know after my fight was maybe the loudest I’ve heard that place other than Game 6 against Montreal a couple of years ago,” he said.

The Bruins are battling for a playoff spot, but their disappearing acts ‘€” Thursday night’s included ‘€” do not inspire confidence. “The lack of consistency I suppose is concerning,” Thornton said. “We need everyone going. I think in the playoffs, everyone takes it up another level. I’m assuming that everyone, if we get in the playoffs, or when we get in the playoffs, everyone will come to play every night. We’re a really good team if everyone comes to play. We can’t have any passengers, myself included.”

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