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Savard: ‘Just trying to feel normal again’

03.27.10 at 2:09 pm ET

Marc Savard is taking walks, getting some fresh air and trying to regain his full wits.

On Saturday, he spoke publicly about the hit from Matt Cooke on March 7 in Pittsburgh and how it’s affected him.

Thanks to the Bruins media relations department, here is the full transcript:

On how he is feeling and if he remembers the hit:
I am not feeling myself quite yet, still. I still don’€™t have any recollection of the hit. Obviously, I have seen it but that’€™s the only recollection I have, when I see it. I just don’€™t remember any of it.

On if he has any close calls with similar types of hits before this particular one:
No, none of that nature, I guess. I have obviously seen them but, I haven’€™t come close to getting hit like that ever.

On his reaction to the hit:
Well, I have obviously viewed it a couple of times and I think it was a play that didn’€™t need to happen, obviously. To me it wasn’€™t a shoulder and I watched the [Mike] Richards on [David] Booth hit. I think that was a shoulder. I think mine was more of an elbow, so I think there was an attempt to injure there. I was, obviously, very unhappy with what happened and I think it could have been avoided very easily.

On if Matt Cooke has reached out to him:
Yeah, he has tried and he has tried to get my phone number and stuff like that, but from what happened I really don’€™t, right at the moment, have any interest in talking to him and that’€™s just how I feel. Maybe down the road, but right now, I am not feeling any better so I would rather just not talk to him.

On if he has watched the games and what it is like watching them on TV:
Well, it’€™s been tough, obviously. The last little while, I have been able to watch full games, so it’€™s been tough. At the start I couldn’€™t really watch much but lately I have been able to watch and hopefully things get better so I can get back, but right now I have been able to watch full games.

On his progress:
Well, I am just trying to feel normal again right now and I don’€™t feel that way. I have had better days, but I still have some bad days in the middle. I am getting outside now, getting fresh air. I am getting some more color back, so that’€™s better but I am still not where I need to be to get back, but obviously I miss playing hockey and I miss being with my buddies so hopefully it happens soon.

On his thoughts on the new head shot rule:
Well, at the end of the day, that is the one good thing that has come of this so far is that we needed a rule and I’€™m not sure whether it has been instituted for the rest of this year, but I feel strongly that they needed to get that in there ASAP before it happens again. So, hopefully the league and the NHLPA and whoever else needs to get it put in there gets it done as quick as possible because we don’€™t need this stuff in our game anymore.

On how his teammates responded to the hit:
First off, we’€™re not sitting in the most comfortable spot in the eight or ninth place or seventh at times, [when it comes to] making the playoffs so at the end of the day, obviously, you would like to get teams back and people back, but we want to make the playoffs and that’€™s a huge thing so there are times to do things and I’€™m sure if we had a comfortable lead like last year it would have been a different situation. Thorty [Shawn Thornton] got him back pretty good so at the end of the day, I’€™m sure down the line there will be other times that we play each other or another situation. So this year, under the circumstances, we weren’€™t able to do probably everything we wanted to.

On his concussion history prior to this injury:
I think I’€™ve had three, kind of minor ones, nothing as serious as this. But I don’€™t remember exactly when they were.

On if can draw any comparisons to previous concussions in terms of recovery:
Just that with this one I don’€™t feel good. A lot of days I have really bad headaches, trouble sleeping through the night now. Just everyday things that I normally do I don’€™t feel comfortable doing right now. So I’€™m very irritable. I get pretty mad at things that never used to bother me.

On is he’€™s talked to Patrice Bergeron and compared their experiences with head injuries:
Yeah I’€™ve talked to Bergy. Obviously he’€™s reached out and told me exactly what’€™s going on right now. I’€™m going to have some bad days; I’€™m going to have some good days where I feel great. I think his was a little worse than mine. But he’€™s been great for me and very supportive and we keep in touch through text message and stuff. So he’€™s been great.

On if he sees himself being able to play before the season ends:
I just want to get well. Obviously I’€™d like to get back and help my team, especially on the power play. [laughs] I’€™m not looking at it right now like that, I just want to get healthy. I’€™m getting the fresh air, I’€™m doing the walking and stuff, but I need a couple clear days I guess before I can think about getting on a bike and stuff like that. So right now, like you said, I’€™m just getting better and taking it day-by-day.

On if he’€™s addressed the team today, and if not, if he has anything planned to say to them:
I’€™ve talked to guys all through this. There’€™s no need to address the team I think. They know what’€™s going on. But I’€™ve kept in touch with almost every player. They text me everyday, so they’€™ve been supportive.

On if he ever considered leaving the sport because of his injury:
I don’€™t think I’€™ve thought about leaving. It definitely makes you think about things for sure. But this is what I grew up learning to do and something I still want to do for a long time. So that’€™s about as far as I’€™ve gone thinking about it. I just really want to get back and play hockey as soon as possible. So I’€™m just taking it a day at a time right now and once I feel that I have the strength to do it, I’€™ll be back, hopefully rather sooner than later.

On what his doctors have suggested he do to begin feeling better in the short term:
Yeah, I just got to get out and start doing things. The big thing is I’€™ve kind of been locked up in my house for a long time so I got to get outside and just do those normal, everyday things. I have to try and do those things and see how I react. When I get outside I feel a lot better. I’€™ve had a couple good days lately and a couple not so good, so hopefully I stretch out those good days so I can start coming back.

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli, on if he was happy about how the NHL handled Savard’€™s situation and if he believes it brought the team together:
Chiarelli: I think the end result that we have a rule in place this year is good. I don’€™t like the way it happened or transpired. I thought it was reactive and I know that the guys in hockey ops aren’€™t normally reactive, they’€™re proactive. As far as bringing the team together, I think that it does. I know that Marc’€™s a real good team guy and the other guys care so I think something like that would bring the team together.

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