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First up, Mr. President: Taylor or Tyler?

06.16.10 at 3:26 pm ET

BOSTON — It didn’t take long for Cam Neely‘s introductory press conference as President of the Boston Bruins to eventually turn into the latest effort of ringing every last drop of draft news out of the team’s front office. Those in attendance came away with just what Bruins fans wanted: assurance that the No. 2 pick isn’t going anywhere but potentially up and the utmost confidence in both Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin, with a tease that the team does prefer one.

“I know who we want,” GM Peter Chiarelli said. “We’re going to get one of the two, so we’d be happy with either.”

In his official first day on the job, Neely let on that he was thoroughly impressed with each player’s visit to the team and that getting to know each of the wunderkinds only cemented the team’s relief that they are not forced to make the choice between the two.

“I’ve said this to Peter,” Neely said. “We’re in a good position. I think it’s a tougher call for Edmonton than it is for us. We love both those guys. I think whatever happens, we’ll be very happy.”

While next Friday’s draft in Los Angeles will be a monumental occasion for the Bruins’ history, Chiarelli convincingly shot down any notion that the team could be considering a move out of the top two, with the proof being that they have in fact received a mightily enticing offer on paper, but that the team still rejected it immediately.

“There was actually one that I was impressed with,” Chiarelli said, seemingly entranced by the offer as he spoke. Even so, Chiarelli made clear that every offer involving giving up the choice will end the same way.

“I’m not moving it,” Chiarelli said of the second pick, one of two first-round selections received in the Phil Kessel trade. “We’re going to take one of those two forwards.

“I’ve gotten quite a few [interesting offers] actually. A lot of them are prefaced with the comment, ‘Look, I have to do this,’ because I’ve been quote clear that I’m not going to move this [pick].”

As for his other early picks (Nos. 15 and 32nd overall, the latter also part of the Kessel trade), Chiarelli admitted that the second overall pick isn’t the only choice that has been discussed in some way, shape, or form. In fact, it seems quite clear at this point that if the Bruins are going to move either of their first-rounders, seeing the team slide a few spots with the latter seems the more likely scenario.

“I’ve had talks about moving up and down from 15,” Chiarelli said, “but not from two [and] just moving down.”

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