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Chiarelli conference call roundup, 6/21

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli spoke with the media on Monday in a pre-draft conference call. Here are the highlights:

On talks with the Oilers:

“I spoke to Steve [Tambellini, Oilers GM] on the weekend and we really didn’t discuss that in any detail. After speaking with Steve, I think he probably has these two guys as close as we do. Neither of us are really committed to moving forward on that type of discussion. We spoke briefly on the weekend and I would imagine that we’re going to talk again at some point but right now, if the draft was tonight, I’d say there’d be no deal.”

On what has been revealed in talks with Tambellini:

“It is different. Generally I would characterize it as we both don’t want to play any cards to each other right now, if we have any to lay. I genuinely believe that Steve is of the same opinion on these players [as] me or close to them, and they’re very close.

The discussions we’ve had aren’t really in detail because we’re not close to it yet. I don’t know if they’ll ever get truly in detail. It is unique. I think we’re both very non-committal, in fact I know we are when we talk, but we talk in specifics on other fronts. We talk about the boys in general too, as what our thoughts are on each of the kids. It’s a little different in this case.”

On if they like one player more than the other:

“I would say right now as of today we have one guy over the other, but it’s very very close.”

On going back and forth between Hall and Seguin:

“I’ll watch a game with one of the players and come away saying, ‘This is the guy I want.’So that’s a good thing. HYou want both of them. Specifically on Tyler: the speed, the innovation, the vision. He’s got a real sneaky wrist shot that I think is underutilized. He finds ways to go around people with his speed and his style, his stick, and his passing. Dimensional speed, dimensional quickness. Very smart player and is a responsible player.”

On talks with the Bruins’ free agents:

“I’m making some progress with some of them. Whether it’s imminent, I can’t really say, but we have had continues talks with a few of them. You may see a deal this week, you may not. I can’t say that they’re imminent, but we’ve made progress.”

On potentially moving back up with the 15th overall pick:

“That would be of an interest to us. Again, it’s hard to move up right now as far as it being a week away from the draft. I’ve had a lot of concepts thrown at me as far as moving up or moving down, and that’s per the normal course, [but] nothing is really imminent right now. There’s no pressure, there’s no reason to talk in detail right now.”

On what he’s learned from meeting Hall and Seguin’s families:

“I think they’re both terrific kids. They’re both very confident. Tyler seems to be a little more extroverted than Taylor. Both their families are tremendous families.

“It’s been well-documented. Taylor’s done all these things, he’s won, but Tyler had a terrific year. His level of improvement is significant from one year to the next. He’s still growing.

“These two players are so close and they’re bother early good kids, so it’s a unique situation.”

On there being more trade talk than usual:

“I think you’re going to see more deals than usual for the reason that I think the free agent market is relative thin. I’ve just noticed that theres significantly more talk last week than I’m used to in my years of management. There’s just more activity. ¬†You saw a couple of deals on the weekend, and I would say you’re probably going to see more. It be that you don’t get these blockbuster draft-day deals, but I think you’re going to see more deals this week.”

On having so many high picks in the next two years:

“We want to improve our team now, and we want to improve our team in the short term and the long term, so it gives us a lot of flexibility. If we do make a deal involving one of these picks — not our top pick — we’re going to make sure we end up with a good player.”

On whether Seguin can play wing:

“I’ve seen him play on both sides. I’ve seen him play on the left half-wall on the power play and I’ve seen him play on the right half-wall on the power play. He’s a very smart player, very good stick, which are two prerequisites to play both sides on the wing.”

On the depth of the draft class:

“There’s general depth. There’s a number of scoring wingers, there’s a number of different types of defensemen that are there, and there’s a number of centermen. We have a lot of centermen, but the depth is far-reaching. I’d say it’s 20-25 deep.”