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Julien transcript, 9/24/10

Courtesy of the awesome people over at the Bruins, here’s the transcript of coach Claude Julien’s press conference on Friday.

On what he thought of Nathan Horton [1] with David Krejci [2] and Milan Lucic [3]

Yeah, it’€™s something we are looking at right now. It’€™s something, as you saw, where we’€™ve put [Mark] Recchi [4] with [Patrice] Bergeron [5] and [Tyler] Seguin [6]. We’€™re trying to get a bit of a feel for that,and now we’€™re doing the same thing with Horton. I thought he played well in Montreal. He was with Spooner at center, and I thought they found each other pretty well. Now we’€™ll see how he does with Krejci as a centerman and Lucic on his left. Now he has two guys who have experience in this league and hopefully give him the opportunity to showcase his talent in this league even more.

On the videotape illustrating the new rules regarding shots to the head

I think it just clarifies all the stuff that we talked about last year: those hits from the side and those blind side hits when it comes to head on. I agree with it because when it comes to head on, if a player is playing with his head down, there’€™s a responsibility there that belongs to the guy who is getting hit as well, but the blind side, I totally agree with it.

On if it’€™s clear enough on what is and isn’€™t legal

I would say there’€™s only one of them that I would be, maybe, questionable on it being a legal hit. I’€™ll probably just ask them what made them decide that that was a legal one. That’€™s very minor and it’€™s just out of curiosity. Because that one, I would have put a borderline on one of the hits that they deemed legal. But the rest is pretty clear. I think for the players it’€™s pretty clear, and it now becomes their responsibility to react accordingly when it come to that. One cheap shot, the bench stuff that is going on. The rest is stuff that you saw – more of a review than something new.

On the lineups for Saturday nights game

Our lineups should be pretty close to what you saw this morning in the first group. So if you took note of that, that’€™s pretty close. I always say that because tomorrow morning something may happen or we might make a change here or there. But what you saw in the first group is, if everything goes according to how it should, it should be pretty close team for tomorrow.

On whether Tim Thomas [7] will play Saturday

No, he is not going to play tomorrow. No. I guess our anticipation is for him to play, hopefully, one of the next two games, the Washington games.

On Bartkowski

I think he’€™s a pretty, when I say, smart individual, he’€™s one of those guys that I think who’€™s figured not just the game for the sake of the game, but what’€™s going on here pretty quickly. He sees how we play, he sees what’€™s going on. I think he is sensing there’€™s an opportunity for him, and he’€™s going to make the best out of it. To me, he moves the puck very well. We’€™ve talked about losing Dennis Wideman [8] last year, one of our good puck moving defensemen, and we’€™re putting the responsibility on all our D’€™s, for the moment, to compensate for that. A healthy defense with Seidenberg, and a healthy Ference, I feel as a group we can do that. But he’€™s also one of those guys that has shown me, anyway, since the start of camp, that he can move the puck well. Does he have a lack of experience? Obviously, and at times it may show a little bit. But we’€™ve given him some preseason games [to] see how quickly he catches on, and how well he does will certainly determine whether he’€™s got a real legit chance to stay with us.

On Marchand

I know not all you guys were at the game yesterday, but, again, he likes to stir the pot, as they like to say, and he’€™s usually pretty good at it. As long as he keeps that under control, we’€™ve seen at times in the past where he’€™s gone over the edge a little bit. But you know he did a good job of that yesterday, and he had the other team chirping back at him. That’€™s his game. That’€™s why he gets involved. He also made a couple of real good plays yesterday as well to create some good scoring opportunities, he was involved in a lot of stuff. He understands that even though he was here at the end of last year he still in a battle to make the team. I think they get comfortable and say that ‘€˜my spot is there for me’€™ would certainly be the wrong approach. Saying he’€™s in jeopardy? No, I am not saying that either. I am just saying that there’€™s competition here and he’€™s sensing that and he wants to earn his spot.

On Joe Colborne’€™s first game on Thursday

I think that’€™s the biggest thing is that we tend to forget that this is his real first pro camp. He played a few games with Providence last year, but he never got the opportunity. He came to development camps in the summer, but never had the opportunities some others had of coming to the main camp. So, I think he’€™s adjusted well and what he did yesterday in the game was a lot of what we saw from a lot of those younger guys. As the game progressed so did they. That’€™s why I kinda like our team yesterday for the way ‘€“ You know, we had a pretty young team that we iced yesterday in Rochester. And at first you could see that guys were a little nervous, but once they got feeling comfortable and feel like they could play with these guys, we saw them progress. Knight was one of those kids that I thought his third period was by far the best one or the best I’€™d seen him perform since the start of camp. Joe Colborne was the same way. He started getting better and better as the game went on. So we’€™ll get a chance to see him continue to get better because he’€™s one of those guys who brings you size, but skill and certainly some character. Whether he needs some time to grow, I guess we will find out in the next little while.

On what he likes about Spooner

You know what guys, he’€™s one of those players that has really impressed me with the fact that he’€™s got unbelievable hockey sense. Sometimes you get a player that has a lot of talent and a lot of skill, but the little details of the game, he still has to figure out. This player to me, has already got it figured out. He’€™s an extremely smart individual, and he does little things right now that sometimes it takes us 2-3 years to really teach one of our players at this level, and that’€™s something he’€™s really got going for him right now that is really impressive, to my eyes anyway. I’€™m not saying that means he’€™s ready, but I’€™m saying that’€™s something that’€™s not always easy to teach, and that’€™s sometimes what gives certain players the opportunity to be great players in this league. And that’€™s the kind of thing I like about him. You get excited about certain things you see in players, and that’€™s the one thing that psyches me about Spooner is his unbelievable hockey sense.

On Blake Wheeler [9] playing at center the other night

Yeah. Wheels has played center his whole career until he came here, and we put him on the wing, and with the absence of Marc [Savard [10]] right now and us experimenting with Tyler on the wing, it’€™s like who is going to go in the middle? You’€™ve got [Joe] Colborne that’€™s fighting, [Zach] Hamill is fighting for fighting for the spot there. There’€™s a few players that are there, and Wheels is a guy that we wanted to see at center, and obviously when you haven’€™t played there in over two years, you don’€™t get it back over night. So, we might continue to experiment with that a little bit and see how comfortable he feels. A guy that likes cutting to the middle of the ice and likes to use that part of the ice, so maybe from his time spent at center, maybe that part of his game comes back quickly and he fills that void that we have open right now.

On Jordan Caron

Yeah, he’€™s a pretty straightforward player. I mean that because he has good size, good strength, protects the puck well, he crashes the net, will take the puck to the net, crashes the net, he shoots it well, does a good job in front as well. He’€™s not the overly, I would say, player that that’€™s going to dangle through everybody. He’€™s going to take a straight line and take pucks to the net. This I the part that the Boston Bruins [11] have always had in the past that has really identified the kind of team that they have. His physical strength for his age is extremely good, so he has shown us a lot of good things in front of the net where we always talked about how good Mark Recchi was. He has a little bit of that too. He goes to the front of the net, he positions himself well, and because of his size, he’€™s able to stand in there, tip pucks, and jump on the rebounds. We’€™re talking about a lot of young guys here that are really having good camps. Again, for me, I can’€™t say enough about our scouts bringing those types of players here because they’€™re not just guys that are passing by here, they’€™re guys that are definitely going to be knocking at the door sooner than later.

On Mark Recchi making the young guys feel comfortable

Well, I think the biggest quality of an athlete or even for coaches if you want to add those people in there in this game is that you need to evolve with the game. So what Mark Recchi went through, when he first started twenty some years ago, is a lot different from what the game is today. I can tell you from experience, as a young player, you’€™d come in and the veterans didn’€™t give you the time of day. That’€™s the way it was then. I’€™m not saying that was bad, but that’€™s the way it was then. Nowadays, the generations have changed, the players, the whole surroundings has changed and now we put a lot of emphasis on team chemistry and making sure everybody feels part of the team, and that’€™s where Mark [Recchi] has done a great job of evolving with the game. He understands that part of it. So he’€™s one of those guys who is going to take charge and make sure as one of the [elder] players on this team, that he’€™s going to make those young guys feel comfortable and make them feel at home.

On Zdeno Chara [12]‘€™s leadership on the team

Well, I thought last night, he played an outstanding game because Zdeno [Chara] just played his game. When I said he kept it simple, for him, it’€™s a simple game; for us, it makes him outstanding. When he moves the puck quickly, when he plays a physical game, when he supports the attack and uses his shot as a big offensive weapon, he’€™s a very dominant player, and in his first game last night of this season, he did exactly that. So, you know, what he did for the young guys in who were in the line up is set a really good example. In other words, don’€™t try to do too much. Just do your job. Do what you do well as best as you can. And I thought that was a great job by him to show his type of leadership.