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That was a long day

BELFAST — Was. Past tense. As in screw what time it is back in the states, this day — as fantastic and eye-opening as it’s been — should come to an end for the sake of re-energizing to do it all again. And I can’t wait. Let us recap.

The day started Wednesday morning with media day and pushed right on through until late Thursday (Belfast time). Not a lot of sleeping on the flight, but that’s what happens when you can have all the crackers, bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, and Diet Coke you can dream of.

The end of the plane ride was pretty fascinating in that I was surprised that the quote of the entire trip would come so early on. In doing the whole rundown of local time, weather, etc. when the plane landed, the pilot said the weather was “a little sketchy.” That would still have me confused now if I didn’t see a “Humps for 200 yards” traffic sign 10 minutes later.

For those who haven’t been to Belfast or even Ireland before, it’s amazing. Plus there are a bunch of cows all over the place. From a hockey standpoint, the team doesn’t seem dazed or confused from the travel at all, which is a good sign. The team held a productive practice and it doesn’t seem to be lost on them that though they’re overseas to open the season, they’re also being given their final two chances to shape up following an ugly loss to the Capitals Lite at TD Garden on Wednesday. There seems to be a good amount of¬†accountability¬†in that regard, so it should be interesting to see the Bruins go full-speed ahead in Belfast and then in Liberic before finally playing two in Prague with the Coyotes.

Bruins skate at 11 a.m. Friday, 5 a.m. your time, so look forward to waking up to a whole new batch of Belfast goodness.