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Bruins set to face off with Panthers

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

We’re here at the Garden all ready for the Bruins to square off in their first home preseason game of 2010. Claude Julien intimated he would use the same lines Saturday as he did in Friday morning’s skate, and based on pregame warmups, the forwards will skate as follows:

Lucic – Krejci – Horton

Seguin – Bergergon – Recchi

Sauve – Spooner – Caron

Arniel – Campbell – McGrattan

Stuart – Bartkowski

Chara – Kampfer

Alexandrov – Seidenberg



All eyes will likely be on the top two lines for the Bruins, as one could assume they will be the team’s top six forwards on Oct. 9. Former Boston College great Scott Clemmensen is in net for the Panthers.

Bruins release five more from camp

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The Bruins have cut their roster down to 35 by releasing five players from training camp on Saturday in Matt Dalton, Jeff LoVecchio, Nathan McIver, Jeremy Reich and Wyatt Smith.

Dalton and Smith were assigned to Providence, while the other three were placed on waivers for the purpose of being assigned to the Baby B’s. The team will play it’s third preseason game on Saturday night when they take on the Panthers at TD Garden.

A look at Gregory Campbell

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Gregory Campbell spoke to for a few minutes on Friday about what he brings to the Bruins and how he too is looking forward to a new start. The former Panthers forward is described by Nathan Horton as being a do-it-all guy, and Campbell takes pride in his safe style of play as a fourth-liner who does all the little things.

“For me, the first thing is that I have to be a responsible player,” he said. “All the so-called intangibles in the game is something I have to take pride in doing. The face-offs, the penalty kill, things like that. I feel like once that’s taken care of, the offensive opportunities come.”

For the full feature on Campbell, click here, but first enjoy this fight.

Savard: ‘I might have come back a little too early last year’

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

In speaking with reporters Saturday and breaking a summer-long silence,  Marc Savard elaborated on Peter Chiarelli’s statement that post-concussion syndrom symptoms were keeping the star center out of training camp. He said he failed an impact test od September 17 and listed dizzy spells, nausea, fatigue, headaches and depression as the symptoms that began to spring up as he trained over the summer.

“I went home after the season. I took a month off. From there, I started working out, and everything was going really well,” Savard said in giving a timeline of the events. “I had some issues during workouts, but I just kind of kept going. I started talking to my agent and telling him everything that was going on, and it just kind of went on from there.

“I still feel good,” he added. “When I was training, things were going really well. Obviously, there were issues. I just tried to work through them, but that wasn’€™t the right career move.”

Savard suffered a concussion on a hit from Matt Cooke on March 7 that kept him out for the rest of last season. He returned to play in the second round of the playoffs against the Flyers, a move that may not have been for the best in the long run, as he said he dealt with “huge fatigue problems.”

“I had a few problems during that series. ‘€¦ Someone related it to me — a doctor did — he said you can have knee problems, and you come back a little early, but you just play through it,” Savard said. “With your brain and head, that’€™s probably not the best thing to do.”

Rumors swirled earlier in the week when a report suggested Savard could miss the entire season. Though Savard shouldn’t be expected back too soon, he said he hasn’t considered missing the year, the first of a seven-year, $28.5 million deal.

“I’€™m obviously still a little ways away,” Savard said. “I’€™m just taking my time this year. It might be a little bit of my own fault; I might have come back a little too early last year. That’€™s my own fault. I’€™m just a hockey player, and I want to play hockey in the playoffs. Right now, I’€™m just going to take it slow here and go from there.”

Savard will focus on getting back to a point at which he can pass the impact test that he failed, and from there will start training again. He noted the depression as being the most difficult to deal with of the symptoms.

Ben Rohrbach contributed to this report.

Savard to break silence Saturday

Friday, September 24th, 2010

And the countdown begins…

Marc Savard is set to address the media at 10:30 on Saturday morning. After a summer of speculation and trade rumors, Peter Chiarelli notified the media last Friday that Savard would miss the beginning of camp after shutting down his training due to symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.

Savard suffered the concussion on March 7 on a hit from Penguins forward Matt Cooke. He missed the remainder of the regular season before returning for the team’s second-round matchup with the Flyers.

The center, who is entering the first year of a seven-year, $28.5 million extension, hasn’t spoken to the Boston media since the end of last season, though he did tell the Ottawa Sun that he was “hurt” by the idea of the team trading him. Details are currently unknown of what developments may come of the session.

Expect Friday morning’s lines on Saturday

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Those excited to finally hear that Milan Lucic, David Krejci, and Nathan Horton skated on a line in Friday morning’s practice are in luck. Same goes for those gushing about the PPF (past, present, future — stick tap to ESPNBoston’s Joe MacDonald on the name) line consisting of 42 year old Mark Recchi and 18 year old Tyler Seguin with Patrice Bergeron, 25, in the middle. Claude Julien indicated that the lines from the earlier of the team’s two sessions will likely be the same ones that take the ice Saturday night at the Garden against the Panthers.

“Our lineups should be pretty close to what you saw this morning in the first group,” Julien said Friday. “So if you took note of that, that’€™s pretty close. I always say that because tomorrow morning something may happen or we might make a change here or there. But what you saw in the first group is, if everything goes according to how it should, it should be pretty close team for tomorrow.”

Chiarelli also said that Tim Thomas, who practiced on Friday, will not be in net for the Bruins. By process of elimination, expect Tuukka Rask, the only other goalie in the first group Friday, to get the start.

Julien transcript, 9/24/10

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Courtesy of the awesome people over at the Bruins, here’s the transcript of coach Claude Julien’s press conference on Friday.

On what he thought of Nathan Horton with David Krejci and Milan Lucic

Yeah, it’€™s something we are looking at right now. It’€™s something, as you saw, where we’€™ve put [Mark] Recchi with [Patrice] Bergeron and [Tyler] Seguin. We’€™re trying to get a bit of a feel for that,and now we’€™re doing the same thing with Horton. I thought he played well in Montreal. He was with Spooner at center, and I thought they found each other pretty well. Now we’€™ll see how he does with Krejci as a centerman and Lucic on his left. Now he has two guys who have experience in this league and hopefully give him the opportunity to showcase his talent in this league even more.

On the videotape illustrating the new rules regarding shots to the head

I think it just clarifies all the stuff that we talked about last year: those hits from the side and those blind side hits when it comes to head on. I agree with it because when it comes to head on, if a player is playing with his head down, there’€™s a responsibility there that belongs to the guy who is getting hit as well, but the blind side, I totally agree with it.

On if it’€™s clear enough on what is and isn’€™t legal

I would say there’€™s only one of them that I would be, maybe, questionable on it being a legal hit. I’€™ll probably just ask them what made them decide that that was a legal one. That’€™s very minor and it’€™s just out of curiosity. Because that one, I would have put a borderline on one of the hits that they deemed legal. But the rest is pretty clear. I think for the players it’€™s pretty clear, and it now becomes their responsibility to react accordingly when it come to that. One cheap shot, the bench stuff that is going on. The rest is stuff that you saw – more of a review than something new.

On the lineups for Saturday nights game

Our lineups should be pretty close to what you saw this morning in the first group. So if you took note of that, that’€™s pretty close. I always say that because tomorrow morning something may happen or we might make a change here or there. But what you saw in the first group is, if everything goes according to how it should, it should be pretty close team for tomorrow.

On whether Tim Thomas will play Saturday (more…)