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Mike Milbury on D&H: Tyler Seguin ‘not an impact player’

10.13.10 at 1:22 pm ET

NESN and NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury made the first of his weekly appearances on the Dale & Holley show Wednesday to talk about the Bruins. To hear the interview, visit the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

Asked about rookie Tyler Seguin and the impact he could have this season, Milbury said Bruins fans will need to be patient. “I’ll answer the question without having seen him enough: He’s not going to be an impact player this season. He’s not,” Milbury said. “Those players are very few and far between. I’d put big money that he’s not an impact player. Does he get 15-20 goals? Maybe. Thirty points, 50 points tops, but that’s not an impact player. And when [Marc] Savard comes back ‘€” and I assume he will ‘€” he’ll have a tough time finding ice time.”

With the Bruins signing Zdeno Chara to a seven-year contract extension last week, Milbury voiced his displeasure with long-term deals, citing the risk of injury and psychological letdown. “I don’t like it. I don’t like it for anybody, let alone the Bruins,” Milbury said. “And they’re not the only ones making questionable decisions with the salary cap. I mean, the team they play next, New Jersey, is a mess. They can’t even dress the full complement of players because of the cap issue.”

Added Milbury: “I don’t like long-term contracts. It’s a heartbeat away. You never know what these contracts will do a player’s psyche. This is not baseball. It’s not like you might not get hurt. You’re going to get hurt. It’s just how seriously.

“The team has made its bet on these core players. And we’ll find out in two years, three years maximum whether this core has the stuff to win a Stanley Cup championship. But the bet’s been made. And we’ll find out if it was a good one or not.”

Milbury was the general manager when the Islanders signed goalie Rick DiPietro to a 15-year deal, but Milbury explained that the deal was done by the team’s owner, over his protests. “I didn’t have anything to do with that,” he insisted.

Milbury was asked who is most responsible for the 2010-11 Bruins ‘€” general manager Peter Chiarelli or team president Cam Neely. “It’s a fair question,” Milbury said. “I know Cam, and I know he’s not going to be sitting on his hands. And I know from people that I’ve talked to, that’s he’s been very involved, he’s been totally consumed by it. And the hierarchy of things, the president has more influence on major things than the general manager. ‘€¦

“Unless I miss my guess, this is not a president just for the business side of the operation, this is a president for the entire operation, and will take full responsibility and control of major decisions. I’ve got to think he was right in the middle of the Chara discussions and certainly the [Patrice] Bergeron discussions. And I know he was right in the middle of what are we going to do on draft day.”

Milbury said he isn’t fond of teams starting their seasons in Europe. “I’m tired of it,” he said. “I guess they’re trying to market the team. ‘€¦ It’s a little bit of a vacation and a lot of a pain in the ass.”

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