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Mike Milbury on D&H: Colin Campbell needs to apologize to Marc Savard immediately

11.17.10 at 1:12 pm ET

NESN and NBC Sports hockey analyst Mike Milbury made his weekly appearance on the Dale & Holley show Wednesday. To hear the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

The main topic of conversation was the controversy involving NHL discipline boss Colin Campbell, whose inflammatory e-mail about Marc Savard caused a firestorm this week.

“When you’re in a position to impact a guy’s life in some way by disciplinary action or heavy fines, which they now have in the NHL, you can’t form those opinions at least in terms of expressing it in a way that goes public,” Milbury said. “The e-mail thing was just simple, logistical ‘€” you can’t be that stupid in order to do it. The actual content of it was worse. I think he made a mistake. I don’t think it impacted any judgments that I know of.

“Colie is a terrific guy, he tries to be fair, but he stepped in it. Whether there will be any repercussions or not, I don’t know. The league certainly has a lot of confidence in him, and they should. He does work hard at it.”

Milbury said people should listen to Campbell’s explanation, as he is a trustworthy person. “I think if he felt he was really over-the-top wrong, that he was doing something that was terrible, he would admit it,” Milbury said. “Because I think he’s man enough to do that.”

Added Milbury: “I like him because he’s a down-to-earth, honest guy. I think he screwed up. Did he screw up so badly that he needs to be let go? I can understand the case for it. I can. But when a guy makes a mistake after that length of time doing what I think is a pretty good job in a really difficult situation, I don’t think you have to get rid of him.”

Milbury said Campbell needs to get in touch with Savard, if he hasn’t already.

“If I’m Marc Savard, I’m waiting for a phone call from Colin Campbell apologizing,” Milbury said. “If that hasn’t happened, that’s mistake No. 3. And that, to me, is enough to say, ‘OK, he doesn’t get it or he thinks he’s above it.’ Absolutely, in my mind, that phone call should have been made already. And if it hasn’t been made, it should be made right after he listens to this show [chuckle]. Because it’s needed, it’s necessary and it’s appropriate.”

As for the effect it could have on the Bruins, who employ Campbell’s son Gregory as a forward, Milbury said his initial impression of Gregory is that he’s “a really solid citizen” and that there shouldn’t be an issue that hurts the team.

“There are uncomfortable conversations all the time in the locker room,” Milbury said. “This one’s a little bit unusual. This is obviously unprecedented, unusual, call it bizarre in some ways. I think it would be really appropriate if they don’t get together that [Zdeno Chara] gets them together or Claude Julien or Peter Chiarelli or Cam Neely says, ‘Hey, let’s have a five-minute conversation over a cup of coffee about this scenario and let’s sweep it out the back door, because we don’t need it.’ ‘€¦ Colie Campbell could really alleviate this situation in his own way by making that phone call.”

Milbury said the ideal person for the NHL discipline job is someone who has served in numerous capacities in hockey, and he said he was a candidate when the league was looking for a successor to Brian Burke in 1998.

“When he left, I actually interviewed for that job,” Milbury said. “I had been a player, a coach and a manager. I just couldn’t see going there, because A) I didn’t know that it could be fun, and B) I still had the desire to be around a team and count the wins and losses, as aggravating as that can be. So, I didn’t take it. But I felt I was qualified.”

Elsewhere in Bruins news, the B’s visit the Rangers on Wednesday, which means facing Rangers initiator Sean Avery. “He’s so despicable,” Milbury said.

Avery’s latest brush with controversy came in Sunday’s game against the Oilers, when he ignited a melee.

“Avery brings this stuff on, and I don’t know how his teammates feel about having to clean out his closet after he causes all this mess,” Milbury said. “He’s sitting comfortably in the locker room, and they’re going toe to toe with some pretty big guys from Edmonton. It’s real old for me. He constantly crosses ‘€” he’s just a bad itch, and I just wish I could get one final scratch on him.”

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