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Video: Marc Savard excited to practice with Bruins

11.20.10 at 1:10 pm ET

Bruins center Marc Savard spoke about a number of things Saturday, including the rough time he had while dealing with post-concussion syndrome symptoms, one of which was depression.

“I need to understand that is just the way I was feeling, because you think that maybe it’€™s because I didn’€™t want to play, but this is the game I grew up playing, I loved and love. Again, I think that love went away for a bit because I wasn’€™t sure about anything,” Savard said. “Obviously now I’€™ve had time to heal and I can’€™t wait to get back out there with the guys and play some games.”

Here’s some video of Savard talking about how glad he was to return to practice with his teammates. He was cleared on Friday to practice in non-contact situations and will undergo further tests next week.

Here is the complete transcript of Savard’s briefing with the media on Saturday, thanks to the fantastic folks at the Bruins:

On how good it felt to be out with the rest of the boys skating:

It felt unbelievable. You know it’€™s been a long time. You know it’€™s pretty special to be… To make it to this step, and hopefully gradually get better and go from there;

On how he’€™s been feeling over the last couple of weeks:

Fantastic. I would say for about two or three weeks now that I really haven’€™t felt any ill effects and things are heading in the right direction, that’€™s for sure.

On if there was a turning point where he just started feeling better:

Yeah, I mean I think it’€™s been a combination of stuff and working hard and working with the doctors carefully. The whole staff has been excellent you know Dr. Asnis and Dr. McInnis , Dr. Durant, Donny [Don DelNegro], Whitey [John Whitesides] obviously for keeping me in shape and you know the whole training staff back to Keto [Keith Robinson], Matty [Matt Falconer], I’€™d like to mention everybody. I think a big thing too you know the fans, they’€™ve been great. I’€™ve gotten a lot of really nice letters. It really helped me through this time and I appreciate that stuff.

On if he has thought about where he fits in on a team that is playing so well:

I think there’€™s a couple areas I can still help a bit, but no it’€™s great seeing the guys playing well. I think that’€™s been the easiest thing for me, is to have time to get better and then work on my stuff that I need to work on and clearing my head so I am ready to go. The way they’€™ve been playing is fantastic and hopefully I can just fit in quietly and go about what I do best and help the team win in some area.

On if he has talked to any of the players who have gone through the same thing:

I mean every incident is different and you know obviously Patrice [Bergeron] has helped me a bit and stuff. A couple players who don’€™t play anymore have been helping me too and obviously I think the biggest thing has been the doctors. Just listening to what the doctors have to say and you know it’€™s been a whole group effort here. Everyone in my family has been incredible and everybody behind me, it has really help the process. Obviously Peter [Chiarelli]’€™s been one of the best supports for me in helping me out and obviously [Matt Chmura] too. It’€™s just been a long road, but everybody’€™s been patient and that’€™s made me feel a lot better.

On how he would describe what he was feeling and how he was feeling:

It was really tough. I had my days obviously that were really tough where I was unsure about my future in the game and so it made it tough. My teammates were incredible too, texting me all the time and telling me to hang in there and they want me back. It’€™s been a big, big help and like I said Peter really helped me out just by giving me the time and Claude [Julien] really gave me the time to heal what I needed to heal and the fans, like I said, those letters did a bunch. You know a lot of people dealt with it and it’€™s really helped out.

On if it was a thought that he wouldn’€™t be able to play anymore because of the way he felt or if it was a thought that maybe he didn’€™t want to play anymore:

It was a lot of the way I felt, I think, but I need to understand that is just the way I was feeling, because  you think that maybe it’€™s because I didn’€™t want to play, but this is the game I grew up playing, I loved and love. Again, I think that love went away for a bit because I wasn’€™t sure about anything. And obviously now I’€™ve had time to heal and I can’€™t wait to get back out there with the guys and play some games.

On what he thought when David Krejci went down:

Well, I mean I’€™d seen the hit, you know he was very formal as he came down at the end of the game and tried to talk to me, but he obviously wasn’€™t obviously in the best state right away. I’€™ve talked to him since just to make sure he’€™s one-hundred percent. I don’€™t want to take any chances. I think there’€™s been a couple… I think he was close to playing a couple times and he wasn’€™t feeling great, so he held himself out and that’€™s the right thing to do. I think the training staff did that and coach gave him the time and I don’€™t think he’€™s playing tonight, but hopefully he is and he comes back and plays well.

On being honest with the medical staff and training staff:

Yeah, I think that’€™s it. I think you can’€™t let the hockey player get ahead of the person in you. That’€™s what I did, I just wanted to play. That’€™s just me and I think that is what every other guy in this league wants to do, just to play and sometimes you just try and get through things and obviously your brain is not one of those things you should be battling through and I learned that the hard way. And hopefully like you said other guys are learning from it. The training staffs are much more knowledgeable now since we’€™ve had Patrice and myself, we are not going to risk anything.

On the next steps for him to be able to play in games:

Obviously keep practicing. It’€™s non-contact right now for me and then I’€™ve got one more test to go see another doctor and then once that’€™s all done I think it’€™s just get back into contact and get back into game speed again, well practice speed so I can get ready for games because I’€™ve been skating on my own, obviously, with Sturmy [Marco Sturm]. That’€™s another guy that’€™s been a great help too, Sturmy. Sturmy’€™s been a great guy and he’€™s really helped me, so it’€™s been nice to have him to skate with and Johnny [Boychuk]. When Johnny was out that helped us both out. So, you know, I think we just got to keep working just get back into that skating shape and keeping up the power with the other guys.

On the kind of shape he’€™s in:

I think I’€™m still a little behind training camp [shape]. I’€™ve still got a little bit of a ways to go, but I’€™ve definitely come a long way and I did all my tests from training camp. And I pretty much I tied everything for bench and jumping and stuff like that, and I did a skating test kind of thing, so passed all that stuff, so that made me feel good in my head that I’€™m close. But like I said, nothing’€™s like skating with the guys’€¦ even today I felt a little bit, they were moving pretty quick and I’€™ve got to keep skating and it’€™s going to take a little time here. But hopefully I can gel in quick.

On when he failed his fitness test before:

No, I knew that everybody was good about it. Peter [Chiarelli] and Claude [Julien] just said, ‘€˜You know, just try it again. We’€™ll hang in there,’€™ so I was able to do it the next time no problem, so I think a little bit was nerves and stuff like that, and I had like seven coaches out there standing out there, so that made it a little tougher too. But no it was, I wasn’€™t too, I was upset obviously originally, but you know, they told me not to worry about it, just gave me another chance to go do it again, and I did it again and passed no problem.

On if he had to change his helmet and wear a shield:

I’€™ve got a more concussion helmet, I guess. I just knew when I wanted to get back, I just wanted to wear a shield. It’€™s not going to save me from a concussion or anything like that. I just used to use it way back in junior and I’€™ve been practicing with it since I’€™ve been back, so it feels kind of normal right now, and I think I’€™m going to stick with it not for concussion reasons, just for wearing it for any other safety. I want to be able to play a bit of hockey here for a bit.

On his reaction to the Colin Campbell e-mails:

I have nothing against Colie [Colin Campbell]. I think that stuff was private stuff, and I think that stuff that he was saying got interpreted I think in a bad way. It had nothing to do with the[Matt] Cooke incident, and I think I played for Colie, and I think that was one of the ways when I first came in the league to stay in the line up was draw penalties, and I think he encouraged it at the time if you asked him. So I think that’€™s what he was referring to, but it had nothing to do with the [Matt] Cooke situation, and I’€™ve talked to Soupy [Gregory Campbell] and you know, Soupy is a great kid, and we have no hard feelings against each other. I can’€™t wait to get back and play with him and get that opportunity.

On if he and Colin Campbell had a good relationship:

Yeah. Me and Colie got along fine. He actually joked with me a lot. He made me feel comfortable and I owe a lot to him. He was the first coach that I broke in with, and he gave me an opportunity. Maybe a little too much of one playing the point on the power play my first year with Leechy [Brian Leetch] and Patty [Pat LaFontaine] and Gretz [Wayne Gretzky] up front, so maybe that got me in a little trouble. So he was great for me, and I’€™ve got no, no hard feelings against him, and I think that the media should maybe take it a little bit easy on him too.

On if Colin Campbell’€™s tone in the emails was the joking tone he used with him as a coach:

When I read them, I, I mean they didn’€™t even faze me. I just knew he was talking about when I dove a couple of times when I played for him to draw penalties. I’€™ve obviously changed because I play every night, but back then I was in and out of the line up, so that was one of my bonuses drawing two or three penalties a game and getting on the power play, so that’€™s the way I would play, so I think that’€™s just how he was referring to it.

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