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An angry Brad Marchand admits he was ‘just running around trying to kill guys’

05.05.11 at 1:06 pm ET



With all the talk about being up 3-0 for the second straight year against the Flyers in the playoffs, “killer instinct” is one cliche that will be brought up over the next 24 hours.

And no one has had more of it than Brad Marchand this series against Philadelphia – even if it’s resulted in the occasional undisciplined penalty.

But Claude Julien and the Bruins will gladly take that if it means finally getting that fourth win against the Flyers Friday night and putting their nightmare of 2010 to rest.

“It was one of those games where I was angry the whole time, and my emotions kind of get the best of me, just trying to run around and kill guys,” Marchand admitted after Wednesday’s 5-1 butt-whipping of the Flyers. “So, it was just one of those games. It’€™s not like that every night but tonight was one of those nights.”

But the funny part is that Marchand didn’t take any penalties Wednesday night. He just crushed Flyer after Flyer, like everyone on the James van Riemsdyk line that nearly beat the Bruins in Game 2 Monday night. The Bruins didn’t want any player or line doing to them what JVR did in Game 2. They wanted someone to get under the Flyers collective skins and Marchand was just the guy.

Marchand brought the energy on the opening shift and Zdeno Chara finished it 30 seconds into the game with a bomb from the left point past a helpless Brian Boucher.

“I don’€™t know what it was. I think it was just one of those plays where it kind of bounced our way. We kind of caught them off guard I guess. Created a couple great plays, Bergy [Patrice Bergeron] made a great pass over to me, Zee made a great shot there to put it in. It was big for us.

“It was great. It was a tough game. They battled hard all the way through and it’€™s great to kind of get that win and be up three-nothing right now. It’€™s huge for us and feeling pretty good.”

The Bruins are playing like 2010 is motivating – but not distracting – them.

“No we, we’€™re trying to keep that out of our mind,” Marchand said. “It’€™s a brand new year. We have a new team here. Half the team is, brought new guys. It’€™s a new season, so we’€™re not worried about that at all, we’€™re writing our own new chapter.”

There will be no letting up come Friday night’s Game 4, Marchand promised.

“Yeah, that’€™s exactly it,” he said. “When we got up in the series and in the game, we want to make it hard on them. We don’€™t want to make it easy out there, and we want them to know that it’€™s going to be tough and they’€™re going to have to work their butt off and really sacrifice their bodies if they even want to have a chance back in the game or the series. So we really want to push back and we did that to a T.”

For three games, the Bruins have taken the heart – and fight – right out of the Flyers, wearing them down at every turn.

“I think maybe they were just a little worn down,” Marchand said. “But I think we did the little things right and everyone was coming back hard and we were playing our system very well. And we were chipping when that’€™s what we needed to do. It was a great job for us. They have so much firepower over there, anything could happen. So at any given night they could get four or five goals in the period, and thank God it wasn’€™t tonight.”

If Marchand and the Bruins “bring it” like that again on Friday, there will be no miracle comebacks – only a date with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference finals.

“Well, I think if we come out with that kind of intensity every night, we’€™re giving ourselves the best opportunity to win,” Marchand said. “That’€™s what we want to do every night, is give yourself the best chance to win, and anything could happen. You could run into a hot goalie, or bounces don’€™t go your way. But if we come out that hard every night and battle, then it’€™s definitely going to be tough for other teams.”

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