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Lightning fans force Bruins to take down signs at TD Garden

05.19.11 at 10:29 am ET

Tampa Bay Lightning fans have taken offense to some of the signs that the Bruins marketing department put up at the TD Garden that poke fun at the Lightning and their fans. After receiving numerous calls from upset Lightning fans the team has removed the signs.

The signs removed say things such as, “Lightning fans, which Tampa player is your grandson?” and “The Loch Ness Monster. Big Foot. Lightning fans,” implying that Lightning fans are hard to find.

The Bruins say that the signs were just in good fun. “Nobody should take it personally,” said Bruins spokesperson Matt Chmura. “It’s just a fun-loving character that tries to embody Bruins fans and their spirit.”

The slogans were run by upper-level members of the organization first. “These things are vetted through our organization,” Chmura added.

The Bruins has had signs poking fun at opponents in the past, even in the prior series with the Philadelphia Flyers. One of the signs said, “Never, ever date a Flyers fan, even if she shaves her mustache.”

A Tampa Bay radio station host urged listeners to call the Bruins marketing department and express their displeasure with the signs. “We moved in like Seal Team 6 and shut them down in a way that other teams they attacked have never been able to do,” said Tampa Bay radio host Mike Calta.

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