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Garry Galley on D&C: ‘I like Boston’ in Game 7

05.27.11 at 11:10 am ET

Hockey Night in Canada analyst and former Bruins defenseman Garry Galley joined the Dennis & Callahan show Friday morning, hours before Game 7 between the Bruins and Lightning. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Galley said the Bruins have the edge because of home-ice advantage and Tim Thomas.

“I always like the team that is at home, and I like the team that’€™s got the best goaltender,” he said. “Dwayne Roloson just has not had the kind of series, and he’€™s not exuding the kind of confidence right now that I would have liked to have seen. Even though he won Game 6, I don’€™t think he looked as good as I thought he was going to, and it’€™s a very tough series for him.

“I do believe you go with Dwayne Roloson. You have to; he’€™s the one who got you to the dance. And he’€™s capable of having a Game 7-winning kind of game. But I just think Tim Thomas has always bounced back from games like this. He shown in this series in Game 5 that he can pretty much win a game on his own. I like Boston in this.”

Galley also said he won’t be surprised if the game is decided on an unpredictable bounce of the puck.

“This game may come down to late in the third and overtime,” he said. “And it comes down to a bounce, guys, it always has. ‘€¦ There’€™s always something that happens. It’€™s a game of mistakes, so there will be a mistake on the play, and someone will benefit from it. I don’€™t think it will be next to one team or another when that happens, it will just be the hockey gods that tip it one way or another.”

Here are some other highlights from the interview:

On the biggest factor for Game 7:

Listening to Claude Julien‘s comments, what matters the most is that you embrace the opportunity. You can’€™t go into this thing thinking of the ‘€œwhat ifs’€ and what can happen. You have to go in and you have to embrace the chance that you have the opportunity to win a hockey game and put yourself in the Stanley Cup finals. That’€™s it. If you come into this game thinking about losing and what’€™ll happen if you lose, then you’€™re already done.

On the Bruins’€™ power play:

They’€™ve missed opportunities to bury Tampa Bay, and certainly the series could be over by now if their power play had been working. But it hasn’€™t been. You can’€™t dwell on it. I don’€™t think there’€™s going to be leaps-and bounds changes that are going to make it awesome tonight, and they’€™re going score four power-play goals. They’ve got to come out and play their game, and hopefully Tim Thomas has the game he had in Game 5.

On the oddities of the Eastern Conference finals:

Boston 5-on-5 was a real strong team all year, and they were good in the playoffs, No. 1 in the playoffs. You look at Tampa Bay, and you say wow, their specialty teams are awesome, this is where they are going to do some damage. And then, Tampa Bay was winning the 5-on-5, and the specialty teams were dead even and Tampa was getting nothing. For three games, they were absolutely stalled.

The two goaltenders that were kind of the elder statesmen in the National Hockey League, they were supposed to come in here, this was going to be a goaltending series. It hasn’€™t been that way. Thomas certainly the better of the two, he’€™s showed moments of brilliance, but he’€™s also let in a lot of goals in this series. So, both goaltending is a bit of a question mark and you wonder what’s going to happen there. That may be the answer. Whatever goaltender steps in tonight and has the game may give his team a chance to win.

On what the Bruins must do to win:

Boston has to stay out of the penalty box, first. Do not put Tampa Bay onto the power play. They’€™ve got their swagger now; they scored three power-play goals in the last game. Don’€™t give them the opportunity to get their cookies there, make them play 5-on-5. That plays to your strength, and hope that your goaltender has a game. And Tampa Bay is going to do the same thing. They’re going to hope that their goaltender has his game of the series, which he has not had yet.

On the Bruins’ physicality:

You want to go out there and play the aggressive game you are capable of playing. What you have to watch is the overzealous stuff that comes after the whistles ‘€” going too far, elbows, just those kinds of penalties are ones that are really hard to kill.

You always kill a good penalty, penalties that guys go out and they save a goal or they do something where somebody gets open and they have to hook them or hold them or block for somebody. It’€™s the penalty where you can’€™t control yourself and you cross check or punch somebody. You take that penalty, you don’€™t seem to kill those ones.

For Boston, you have to go out and play your game, but you’ve got to stay between the lines. You can’€™t cross over them and hope that you’re going to get away with a call.

On staying positive:

I don’€™t think either one of these coaches ‘€” and these are two very good coaches ‘€” I don’t think either one of them will be talking about ‘€œwhat ifs’€ or talking about any kind of negativity at all. It will all be positive energy as they draw toward this game. Because these guys are tired, they’€™re beat up, there’s a lot of nicked-up guys. So, the key will be to keep things very loose, positive, and look to get something positive happening early.

For Boston, don’€™t allow that goal early, don’€™t allow that negativity to happen in your building where your fans go deathly silent. Keep them off the boards, and have that good, solid first five minutes, that first period. And then start to peck away at them.

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