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Green Men on D&C: ‘We’re two grown idiots in spandex’

Vancouver’s Green Men, Force and Sully, stopped by the WEEI studio for a visit with Dennis & Callahan Monday morning while in Boston for Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup [1] finals. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page [2].

The two Canucks fans clad in spandex bodysuits made a name for themselves by annoying opposing players in the penalty box at Rogers Arena, but the NHL [3] restricted their behavior after they became cult favorites.

“The NHL [4] directly told us: ‘No more handstands, you can’t touch the glass.’ We were told we were not allowed to agitate the players,” Sully explained. “So, we just have to step up our game and be more creative. It seems to be working. We’re getting under a few people’s skin.”

Diminutive Bruins forward Brad Marchand [5] engaged in a feud with the pair last week. “Marchand gave us a couple of chirps, I got doused with some water,” Sully explained. “You get that when you ask if he’s sitting on phone books.”

Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg [6], on the other hand, enjoyed the Green Men’s tribute to Bruins legend Cam Neely [7]‘s acting career. “We had the Cam Neely ‘Sea Bass’ from ‘Dumb and Dumber’ reference ‘€” the trucker caps,” Force explained. “Seidenberg appreciated that. He said he’d pass that along to Cam Neely.”

Added Force: “I think Cam Neely upstairs is either laughing or wanting to fight us. I’m not sure.”

Asked whose idea it was to start this venture, Force said: “I believe it was alcohol. A good friend of ours.”

The Green Men acknowledged that they are putting their well being in jeopardy by traveling to Boston to cheer against the Bruins. “The problem is you can only see maybe three, four feet in front of you,” Sully said. “So, if somebody’s got a long reach on them, I can’t catch a left hook to save my life. I will catch it, but I can’t see it.”

Added Sully: “Vancouver fans are pretty respectful toward [Bruins fans]. I’m hoping it’s the same [in Boston]. I don’t expect it to be. I understand if it’s not.”

Talking about their pregame preparation, Force said: “No liquids probably half an hour up to before the game. You don’t want a bathroom situation in this suit. It is brutal. ‘€¦ If you do have to go to the washroom, it’s quite the song and dance.”

The two college students, who said they’re planning to go to New York on Tuesday to cheer on the Red Sox [8] at Yankee Stadium [9], take their success with a grain of salt. “We’re two grown idiots in spandex,” Force said. “We have no dignity.”