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Steve Levy: ‘Concern’ in Vancouver locker room

06.07.11 at 10:21 am ET

ESPN personality Steve Levy joined the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning after covering Monday night’€™s Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals for the cable sports network, and the Sportscenter anchor had lots of praise for the goings on at the TD Garden.

‘€œThat was unbelievable,’€ Levy said. ‘€œThe first two games were also thrilling, but last night had everything. The energy in the building was also terrific. We were also in town for Game 7 of the conference final against Tampa and we thought that was unbelievable. Last night topped that. It was really a special all-around night, except for the hit.’€

However, it was mostly a special all-around night for the Bruins and their fans. After the crushing 8-1 loss to their Eastern Conference foes, the Canucks looked certainly uneasy, according to Levy.

‘€œI think there’€™s some concern, there’€™s no question,’€ he said. ‘€œI think immediately afterwards there was concern. I think the first two games you saw one-goal games that really could have gone either way, but Vancouver was a whole lot more confident going into last night than they were going into it than coming out of it, no question.’€

Although the eight-goal performance by the Bruins would seemingly give any hockey man plenty to talk about, one of the biggest events of Monday’€™s proceedings wasn’€™t a goal but rather the aforementioned hit on the head of Nathan Horton by Aaron Rome that knocked the former out cold and could force him out of the remainder of the series. Some sort of discipline is expected to be handed down by the NHL, and Levy hypothesized that Rome would be get a one-game suspension, which although seemingly low would be one more game than Alexandre Burrows got for supposedly biting Patrice Bergeron in Game 1.

The difference according to Levy is the type of the player involved.

‘€œAs [ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose] said, this guy Rome’€™s an easy target,’€ Levy said. ‘€œHe’€™s an easy guy to make an example of because he’€™s a 5-6 defenseman. As opposed to the Alexandre Burrows biting incident, we thought he should’€™ve gotten a game. We thought they had set a terrible example right in the front of the cameras for everybody to see. But the difference there guys, he’€™s a first-line player. He plays with [Daniel and Henrik Sedin], he’€™s the third Sedin if you will. Of course, we saw the impact he had in Game 2 not being suspended. So I think Rome is an easy guy to make an example of unfortunately, and I think he gets a game.’€

That being said, Levy didn’€™t believe that the Bruins can or will continue to use the hard hit as a rallying cry going forward in the series.

‘€œI think that’€™s already used. You can hang whatever you want in the dressing room and all that. But once you find out, A) he’€™s OK and he’€™s going to be OK in the movement of the extremities and then you go out and physically dominate as well as embarrass Vancouver on the scoreboard 8-1, I think that goes away.’€

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