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Steve Levy: ‘Concern’ in Vancouver locker room

ESPN personality Steve Levy joined the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning after covering Monday night’€™s Game 3 of the Stanley Cup [1] finals for the cable sports network, and the Sportscenter anchor had lots of praise for the goings on at the TD Garden.

‘€œThat was unbelievable,’€ Levy said. ‘€œThe first two games were also thrilling, but last night had everything. The energy in the building was also terrific. We were also in town for Game 7 of the conference final against Tampa and we thought that was unbelievable. Last night topped that. It was really a special all-around night, except for the hit.’€

However, it was mostly a special all-around night for the Bruins and their fans. After the crushing 8-1 loss to their Eastern Conference foes, the Canucks looked certainly uneasy, according to Levy.

‘€œI think there’€™s some concern, there’€™s no question,’€ he said. ‘€œI think immediately afterwards there was concern. I think the first two games you saw one-goal games that really could have gone either way, but Vancouver was a whole lot more confident going into last night than they were going into it than coming out of it, no question.’€

Although the eight-goal performance by the Bruins would seemingly give any hockey man plenty to talk about, one of the biggest events of Monday’€™s proceedings wasn’€™t a goal but rather the aforementioned hit on the head of Nathan Horton [2] by Aaron Rome [3] that knocked the former out cold and could force him out of the remainder of the series. Some sort of discipline is expected to be handed down by the NHL [4], and Levy hypothesized that Rome would be get a one-game suspension, which although seemingly low would be one more game than Alexandre Burrows got for supposedly biting Patrice Bergeron [5] in Game 1.

The difference according to Levy is the type of the player involved.

‘€œAs [ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose] said, this guy Rome’€™s an easy target,’€ Levy said. ‘€œHe’€™s an easy guy to make an example of because he’€™s a 5-6 defenseman. As opposed to the Alexandre Burrows biting incident, we thought he should’€™ve gotten a game. We thought they had set a terrible example right in the front of the cameras for everybody to see. But the difference there guys, he’€™s a first-line player. He plays with [Daniel and Henrik Sedin [6]], he’€™s the third Sedin if you will. Of course, we saw the impact he had in Game 2 not being suspended. So I think Rome is an easy guy to make an example of unfortunately, and I think he gets a game.’€

That being said, Levy didn’€™t believe that the Bruins can or will continue to use the hard hit as a rallying cry going forward in the series.

‘€œI think that’€™s already used. You can hang whatever you want in the dressing room and all that. But once you find out, A) he’€™s OK and he’€™s going to be OK in the movement of the extremities and then you go out and physically dominate as well as embarrass Vancouver on the scoreboard 8-1, I think that goes away.’€