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Don Cherry on D&C: Bruins pushed ‘smug’ Sedins ‘a little too far’

06.08.11 at 9:27 am ET

Hockey Night in Canada analyst Don Cherry joined the Dennis & Callahan show Wednesday morning to offer his thoughts on the Stanley Cup finals that continues with Game 4 Wednesday night. To hear the interview, go the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

The Bruins put together an inspiring performance in Game 3, and Cherry said he thinks the Bruins can build off the 8-1 victory. He credits Shawn Thornton as the key to Boston’s resurgence.

“The big thing was Thornton,” he said. “At the start of the second game, I said, ‘Why isn’t Thornton in the game? [The Canucks are] running the Bruins, they own the Bruins right now. They don’t get Thornton in the game. Get some banging going in there and play like Bruins, and it’s going to be four straight.’ Why Thornton wasn’t in there from the start, I don’t know. It was Thornton that set the tone.”

Cherry also questioned B’s coach Claude Julien‘s decision to remove Tyler Seguin from the lineup. “Seguin will be in there [for Game 4], and he should have been in there. I just don’t understand two moves. And this is what I said ‘€” and I’m not telling Julien, he’s a good coach, he’s in the final, he’s got to be good. Why Seguin wasn’t in there, and Thornton from the start, it was beyond me.”

Asked which of the Bruins he would have sat, Cherry said he didn’t know, but he noted that some players did not show up for the first two games. “In Vancouver they had a few passengers up there,” he said, later adding: “They were a bunch of pussies up there.”

Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo remained in the game for all eight goals in the Bruins’ rout Monday night. At one point, Canucks coach Alain Vigneault asked Luongo if he wanted to come out but the goalie emphatically said no.

Said Cherry: “First of all, you don’t ask him when he comes to the bench, ‘Do you want to come out?’ If he ever said, ‘Yeah, I’ll come out,’ he wouldn’t be a goaltender. that’s like asking a fighter when he gets knocked down, ‘Are you all right? Do you want to quit?’ They always say, ‘I’m all right.’ You never ask them. You get them out of there. It should have been a mercy one.

“I know the power play was on and everything, but they weren’t going anywhere. Get him out, get him ready [for Game 4]. You pound those goals by him, it’s got to be in his head a little. I don’t know, you put him back in there. I tell you, boy, I’m a little worried about him. He’s done this before.

“He’s dynamite. You know [Tim] Thomas at the other end’s going to be dynamite. I don’t know, boy, I’m a little worried if I was Vancouver going into that game tonight with him.”

Touching on the Bruins’ problems on the power play, Cherry said: “I cannot believe how bad the Bruins power play is. It is unbelievable how a team can get to the finals with that lousy power play. It just shows you how team spirit can get you there. That’s the worst power play that’s ever been in the Stanley Cup finals.”

However, Cherry voiced some optimism. “It will be better,” he said. “I think the law of averages is going to catch up to them.”

Offering one more criticism of the coaching, Cherry said he disagreed with the decision to move Zdeno Chara from the point to the front of the goal. “What a dumb thing to have Chara in front.,” Cherry said. “Here you’ve got a guy with a 105 miles per hour shot, and you’ve got him standing in front. [The Canucks] love that. What’s the difference if a guy’s 6-foot-7 or a guy’s 6-foot-3. You can’t see over the top of him. It’s ridiculous.”

The Bruins banged Henrik and Daniel Sedin around on Monday. Asked about the twins’ toughness, Cherry offered some caution. “They pushed them a little too far,” Cherry said. “They embarrassed them a little too far. They had them where they wanted them. They didn’t want the puck and everything. But it was so embarrassing, even the goaltender’s knocking them down. I think it went a little too far with them. I think they’ll come back. But they’re not tough guys by any means.”

Cherry said the twins were “smug” at Monday’s pregame skate, but they are likely to be refocused Wednesday night. “They can put the puck in the net,” he said. “If they get throwing that puck around, they’ve got magic. They know they’ve got eyes in the back of their heads. They throw it blind, and there’s the other guy there. I’m making fun of them and everything, but boy, I’ll tell you, they can throw that old biscuit around.”

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