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Tony Amonte on M&M: Roberto Luongo ‘pumps his own tires enough’

06.13.11 at 12:55 pm ET

CSNNE Bruins analyst Tony Amonte spoke with the Mut & Merloni show Monday morning. To hear the interview, go the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page.

Amonte said the key to the Bruins winning Game 6 Monday night is to ‘€œride [Zdeno] Chara and [Dennis] Seidenberg.’€

‘€œI think that’€™s what they’€™ve done at home is been able to ride those two defensemen, their top D pair,’€ Amonte said. ‘€œThey don’€™t get scored on much, and they help you out, create a lot of offense for the Bruins.’€

Amonte said that a key to the offense is getting Tyler Seguin more minutes, especially on the power play.

‘€œSeguin’€™s a guy that could break the game open,’€ he said.

‘€œYou have to play the odds. You have to put a guy out there you know is going to score a little bit more than another guy.’€

While Gregory Campbell is good on faceoffs and penalty kills, Amonte said he lacks the puck control necessary to play in front of the net on power plays.

‘€œIf you can’€™t get control of the puck and you can’€™t get it set up, you’€™re never going to see a net-front guy,’€ Amonte said, adding: “That second unit just never had the ability to get the puck, settle it down, and establish a net-front presence.’€

Amonte said that another offensive key is Milan Lucic becoming a more aggressive shooter.

‘€œEvery time you get the puck inside those faceoff circles, the tops of those faceoff circles, look to shoot,’€ Amonte said. ‘€œShoot everything.’€

Amonte added that Lucic plays his best when he’€™s skating fast and hard enough to forecheck effectively.

Amonte said the Bruins in Game 6 would also need to match the desperation with which the Canucks played Game 5.

‘€œThey knew the gravity of that game, they knew that they needed it if they wanted to win the Stanley Cup, and they went out there and they took it,’€ Amonte said. ‘€œI would see the reverse of this happening tonight. Boston has to be the more desperate team, and when they have been that desperate team they’€™ve won every game.’€

If the Stanley Cup finals go seven games, Amonte suggested the team change up the defensive lines.

‘€œMaybe take Seidenberg off, put him with [Andrew] Ference, and put [Johnny] Boychuk up back with Chara so they can just start rolling their defense and stop worrying about the matchups so much and just go out and play hockey,’€ Amonte said.

The Bruins also will need to establish their physical game in Vancouver, something they have yet to do.

‘€œThis is what Vancouver did all year,’€ Amonte said. ‘€œThey played hard all season long, all regular season long, so they could get home-ice advantage. They know they like to be at home, they’€™re comfortable in their own arena, they get the matchups they want.’€

Amonte said he was ‘€œbaffled’€ by Roberto Luongo‘€™s comments on Tim Thomas.

‘€œThomas is a guy, you don’€™t want to give him anything he can use against you when you go out there for the next game,’€ Amonte said. ‘€œI think Tim really takes it personally. ‘€¦ But Luongo, I think he pumps his own tires enough, so I think they’€™re full.’€

Amonte added that Luongo’€™s play and attitude ‘€œreally truly hasn’€™t made the Vancouver fans believers.’€

Amonte also said that among the active NHL players with whom he is still friendly, the consensus is that the Canucks are ‘€œjust not a well-liked team.’€

‘€œGuys are just a little bit arrogant, a little bit cocky, and we see that in everything Luongo has said the last couple of days,’€ Amonte said.

Added Amonte, ‘€œObviously when you win you’€™re hated, you have a bull’€™s-eye on your back, and people are always coming after you. That’€™s all part of a great series is having that kind of hatred for another team.’€

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