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Game 7 countdown, 3 p.m.: No alcohol to be sold by Vancouver bars after 4 p.m.

The Vancouver police expect about 100,000 energized hockey fans to be in the city for Game 7. As they did during the 2010 Olympics and on Monday, when 35,000 Canucks fans gathered to watch Game 6 in Boston, the police have announced that alcohol sales will not be allowed after 4 p.m by anyone in the downtown core of Vancouver, according to Time.com [1].

‘€œIt is common sense,’€ said Vancouver Police Constable Lindsey Houghton. ‘€œIf you don’t put liquor in peoples’ hands, the potential for liquor-related violence is less.’€

The Vancouver Police Department and the South Coast BC Transportation Authority Police issued close to 3,000 ‘€œliquor pour-outs’€ on the day of Game 5. Postgame riots have been well documented in professional sports. After the Red Sox [2] defeated the Yankees [3] in Game 7 of the 2004 American League championship series [4], 21-year old Victoria Snelgrove was killed in the celebration.