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The day after the Cup, 4 p.m.: The Big Show talks with Kevin Paul Dupont

06.16.11 at 3:59 pm ET

Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe, a regular contributor down the stretch for the program, called into The Big Show to give his expert take on the Bruins Stanley Cup victory and precisely how the team got there in the first place. Dupont saw Aaron Rome‘s suspension-worthy hit on Nathan Horton as the point where the finals began to take a turn toward the Bruins side.

“The turning point of the season was the hit on Horton,” he said. “I didn’t see it so much as, ‘Let’s do it for Horton.’ There’s always that element no matter what the injury, but I had a sense of a couple of things in the immediate minutes after it, which was Vancouver began to play small. They got afraid. Their skilled players were afraid because you know in those instances there has to be a payback. It wasn’t the traditional payback of the years of my youth of the 60s, 70s and even into the 80s which was grab two or three finesse guys and beat the hinges off of them. Instead, the thought was at least from a competitive standpoint, just get in their face, be relentless. And other than that one next game in Vancouver, they were that. They played effectively. They played punishingly. They stayed on them on every shift. We saw the shrinking of Vancouver.”

While others seemed ready to call Claude Julien vindicated after several in both the stands and the media, Dupont wanted to make sure fans didn’t forget about team owner Jeremy Jacobs. Although he’s been seen a villain in Boston sports lore over the years, Dupont noted that B’s fans could have been much worse.

“Has the guy spent? Yes he has. Is the guy reliable? Has there ever been a question about payroll in this town, which I know a lot of people take for granted? I can show you a lot of NHL cities where you can’t take that for granted. He’s never bitched and moaned about the money. He’s never tried to hold up the city for another dime for development on Causeway St. … Is he vindicated? I don’t know if he’s vindicated. He is rewarded. He has spent a lot of money. He has been rewarded even though being an out-of-town citizen. I think from a business standpoint, he’s been a very good citizen.”

Before leaving, Dupont wanted to make sure he praised the city of Boston for not being as violent in their celebrations as Vancouver was in its riots Wednesday night.

“Good on that,” he said. “It took us, what, 400 years in Boston to learn how to drink and party?”

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