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The day after the Cup, 6 p.m.: Recap of Bruins talk on The Big Show

06.16.11 at 6:00 pm ET

Glenn Ordway, Michael Holley and Mikey Adams were given plenty of material for Thursday’s Big Show when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup the night before. Here’s a brief recap of all the Bruins talk from 2-6 p.m:

–The guys played an awesome compilation of the four championship calls from the Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots from the last decade.

Jack Edwards shared a story about seeing a “soft” Henrik Sedin T-shirt for sale at the Vancouver airport.

NBC sideline reporter Pierre McGuire told the guys that he believed the Canucks had chemistry issues in Game 7, saying “”Coaches overreacting. I thought in the case of Alain Vingeault when the frustration set in, and the composure and the focus and basically every one of the Bruins players acting as coach. It was really an interesting dynamic to witness.”

Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe called in from Minnesota when he was returning from Vancouver. He said he thought the hit on Nathan Horton in Game 3 signaled the turning point in the finals but perhaps not for the reasons you’d think. “I didn’€™t see it so much as, ‘€˜Let’€™s do it for Horton.’€™ There’€™s always that element no matter what the injury, but I had a sense of a couple of things in the immediate minutes after it, which was Vancouver began to play small. They got afraid. Their skilled players were afraid because you know in those instances there has to be a payback.”

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