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The day after the Cup, 9:30 a.m.: What is Vancouver saying?

After the Bruins 4-0 victory in Game 7 over the Canucks, the mood among the media and fans in Vancouver/Canada was a great season, but ending in disappointment.

Roy Macgregor of The Globe and Mail [1] writes that it has been 18 years since the Stanley Cup [2] has been won by a Canadian team. Macgregor details other Canadian teams that have been close, but could not win the Cup. He also highlights Zdeno Chara [3], Tim Thomas [4] and Milian Lucic hoisting the cup. He ends by asking a question that is on many people’s minds regarding Roberto Luongo [5]: “Can he win the big one?”

Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun [6] takes a look at the Sedin Twins and how the series went for them. He also gets their opinion on the riots after the game. ‘€œIt’€™s terrible,’€ Henrik said. ‘€œThis city and province have a lot to be proud of.” He also writes that the Bruins “showed no respect for the Canucks’€™ gaudy regular season numbers, pounding the Vancouver skill players at will with little fear of retribution.”

Iain Macintyre of the Vancouver Sun [7] says the Cancucks were an excellent hockey team, but it wasn’t good enough. He was quick to give the Bruins credit. “The Bruins earned it. They were stronger, tougher, deeper offensively and almost impenetrable at the back with Conn Smythe-winning goalie Tim Thomas protected by one of the tightest defences in hockey,” he wrote. He does not believer the season was a failure for the Canucks, “No team that wins 69 games in eight months is a failure. The Canucks took the NHL [8] regular-season title by 10 points. They never trailed in a playoff series until they lost the Stanley Cup.”

Ed Willes of The Province [9] describes how frustrating it is to follow the team all season and for two months throughout the playoffs, then to see them lose in Game 7. “No, it was frickin’ Chara holding the Cup which should have belonged here. Maybe the lesson is no one should want anything as much as this team and this province wanted the Stanley Cup,” he wrote. He also says that whenever the Canucks tried to mount a comeback the Bruins would not allow it. “But every time they showed signs of life, they were denied by some combination of Thomas, Chara and/or their own ineptitude. Henrik Sedin [10] was in cold in the first minutes and couldn’t beat the Bruins’ irrepressible goalie.”