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Andrew Ference on D&C: Bringing Stanley Cup back to North End one more time

06.21.11 at 9:31 am ET

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference joined the Dennis & Callahan show to talk about what his life has been like after winning the Stanley Cup championship last Wednesday. The veteran D-man told the guys that unfortunately the Cup in all its glory is no longer in Boston but is rather on its way to Las Vegas to be showcased at the NHL Awards Ceremony. Ference also deemed rookie forward Brad Marchand the “runaway winner” for the team’s resulting celebrations after beating the Canucks in seven games to take home the most prized trophy of the four major sports. (To hear the entire interview, visit the D&C audio on demand page.)

The blue-liner said as much fun as Marchand and some of the other guys have been having, the most difficult part of the process for him is perhaps just trying to go down the block.

“It’s taken me a lot longer to do a few chores, that’s for sure,” Ference said. “It’s great. I wouldn’t want to be in a hurry to get anything done, but the people are pumped. We know a lot of people so most of the time it’s people we already met and already know and just pass on a congratulations and tell stories where they watched or whatever it was. It was great. It’s been that way for a number of years now, living that way. [Zdeno Chara‘s] been riding his bike and a lot of teammates walk over [to the TD Garden] anyways so I don’t think you’re going to see things change too much unless we start showing up late to practice because we get stopped for conversation.”

Ference also said during his interview that he had an inkling that the B’s would win the Cup even before the three-month grind of the Stanley Cup playoffs even began.

“Even before the playoffs started, I had a really, really good feeling. I was almost scared to have that kind of feeling. A few of us teammates talked about it that we’ve had good years and good teams in the past where we thought we had a chance. But in the process of talking about it, we knew this would be more than just a chance. We knew that there’s something different about the team and that it was a legitimate shot. When it really sunk in was after the first round because the first round is just so tough, doesn’t matter what year it is. I think it’s the toughest round of the playoffs. To get by the way we did against Montreal, that series was so close and our team got so much better from the beginning to the end of it. I think after that first round I had a really, really great feeling.”

Ference then went on to say that perhaps the most iconic image of the finals for him was Nathan Horton’s appearance on the TD Garden Jumbotron, waving a yellow rally towel to pump up not only the crowd but his own team.

“I know there was a whole bunch of teammates, we were on the bench … we talked about it after, a lot of guys after could tell Horty was tearing up and a lot of guys on the bench, we had to look away because we were getting a little choked up,” Ference said. “The crowd was going nuts and you could sense we were coming back, putting something together and the tide was really turning.”

That turning tide eventually of course led to the series win, and with the championship came the customary duckboat parade through Boston. Ference told the D&C show just how much in awe he was by Saturday’s proceedings.

“You know what blew me away was the parade. It was mind-boggling. I can’t wrap my mind around how many people were there. I literally can’t wrap my head around it. It kept going and going and going. Just when you thought there might be a lull, it kept getting deeper and louder. The people didn’t just come to watch. They came to scream and yell at us. I was one of the last duckboats so I thought people would be peetered out by the time we got through but it was crazy. I know that’s something I won’t see again ever in my life unless we win in Boston. No other city is going to turn out like that. It was incredible.”

Ference, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, eventually gave his plans for his day with the Stanley Cup and surprisingly he said he doesn’t plan on taking it anywhere else other than the Hub.

“Yeah, I’m locked in to have it here in Boston in the North End,” he said. “It’s like planning a wedding though. I batted it back and forth about going home where I grew up or where I’ve spent the summers the last few years. You know, honestly it means more to have it here. We’ve made our home here. It almost feels like a vacation when we go back to Canada. The girls, they’re in school, so we have tons of friends outside of hockey in the neighborhood. It means a lot to the people in the city.”

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