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Tomas Kaberle insists they are not called Hello Piggy Band

10.18.11 at 12:46 pm ET

There was perhaps no more perplexing Stanley Cup celebration than that of Tomas Kaberle, who spent his day with the trophy in the Czech Republic at an event featuring guys called the Hello Piggy Band and doing crazy things with swords. When Kaberle signed with the Hurricanes in the offseason, the millions of questions regarding the day had to wait, but they were finally answered on Tuesday… kind of.

Kaberle, who is mild-mannered and very kind with the media, insisted three times that the band is not called the Hello Piggy Band. So there’s that.

“They don’t call it Piggy Band,” Kaberle said. “They’re like an entertainment group of three guys. They’ve been well-known in Czech. We thought they would be good to approach them and ask if they could play a few songs there’€¦ but they don’t call it Piggy Band.”

Asked later what the band was called, Kaberle said he wasn’t sure what the translation would be, but that “they don’t call it Piggy Band.”

I’m certainly no expert on Czech trios, but look at the overalls. Something stinks about Kaberle’s story.

Kaberle actually got to have two days with the Cup, as he and fellow Czech Republic native David Krejci combined days in a joint celebration.

“It was awesome,” Kaberle said. “The second day, I went with him. We did similar stuff in his hometown. It was a really good two days. It’s too bad it was raining, but my thing was indoors at the first place and the second thing was outdoors, but people still showed up. It was amazing.”

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