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Brad Marchand on M&M: Actions of Canadians fans ‘just embarrassing’

02.17.12 at 2:56 pm ET

Bruins forward Brad Marchand made his weekly appearance on Mut & Merloni Friday afternoon to discuss his criticism of Canadians fans and his father’s role in keeping him stable after the Stanley Cup last summer, among other things.

After Canadiens fans cheered Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara getting hit in the face with a puck in the Bruins’ 4-3 win Wednesday, Marchand was publicly outspoken about the fans’ reaction. To him, it was a disrespectful move that is never justified in sports, no matter what teams are playing.

“Anytime a guy gets hurt, you have to respect the fact that he’€™s out there doing his job, trying to make a living,” Marchand said. “It’€™s a dangerous sport, it’€™s a dangerous game and when people are cheering’€¦if he takes a puck in the throat, it could have been a really bad situation. The fact that they were cheering when he got hurt, it’€™s just embarrassing.”

Marchand has found himself in the news recently for his off-the-ice actions, as he revealed in a recent Sports Illustrated interview that he was too drunk to appear in the Bruins’ commemorative championship DVD. He admitted that he had too much fun in the aftermath of winning the Stanley Cup, but that his father was a crucial figure in helping him stay in line.

“He sat me down after a while and was actually really upset with me, just like, ‘€˜You’€™re taking it too far, you’€™ve only won it one time. I don’€™t want you to win it once, I want you to win it three or four [times],'” Marchand said. “So he said, ‘€˜If you win two Cups in the next three years, I’€™ll leave you alone and let you celebrate and party the way you want to.  He said, ‘€˜Until then, I’€™m going to be all over you until you do it again.’€™ I like the challenge.”

Marchand’s physical style of play has received its fair share of criticism and discipline this season and Marchand noted that when he was called for a clipping penalty in a recent game, he was worried about any possible reaction from the NHL.

“I was definitely nervous when I was going over to the box,” Marchand said. “The whole third period, the whole intermission, that’€™s all I could think about. It’€™s definitely a situation I don’€™t want to be in again.”

With the trade deadline now rapidly approaching, there is always speculation over what possible moves teams will make to prepare for a run to the Stanley Cup playoffs. As a player, Marchand said that he and his Bruins teammates try not to worry too much about how the team’s roster may change in the coming weeks.

“I think, for the most part, our team’€™s pretty good about not letting that keep in our minds,” Marchand said. “There hasn’€™t really been any talk about it in that room.

“We just know that we have a great GM and great management that if they feel they need to bring someone in, they’€™ll bring in the right people. It’€™s out of our control so we’€™re just going to do what we can and that’€™s playing good hockey on the ice and whatever happens happens.”

Following are more highlights from the conversation. To hear the full interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page.

On which fans are worse, Montreal or Vancouver?: “Montreal, after seeing what happened the other night, them for sure. Vancouver, there’€™s obviously a lot that went on in the playoffs last year. Anytime it’€™s in an opponents’€™ building and when teams come into our building, they get treated the same way. It’€™s just the playoffs are a different animal.”

On what he needs to improve upon: “I still have to work on getting better on my defensive game. There’€™s times where I cheat offensively. I can’€™t be doing that and especially going into playoff time, you have to think defense first and make sure you come back to your zone hard. Sometimes I slack off in that area.”

On the team sticking together even with injuries to key players Nathan Horton and Rich Peverley: “Obviously, they’€™re two big parts of our team, they play a lot of minutes. We’€™re going to miss them. It just means that everyone else will have to step up a little bit. For everyone else, we have to make sure we don’€™t try to do too much. We all have to try and make sure to play our best every night and if we continue to do that, hopefully we can win some games.”

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