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Peter Chiarelli: Greg Zanon a ‘warrior,’ Steven Kampfer lost swagger

Here are a few quick highlights of Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli‘s press conference to announce the team’s two trades on Monday:

On Greg Zanon:

“Zanon is a terrific shot-blocker, he’s a real gritty competitor. He’s a warrior-type defenseman, so now we have eight defensemen in the mix now.”

On Steve Kampfer:

“Steve, in his defense, he had kind of a tough ride this year. I think it happens — I don’t know if it’s a sophomore jinx — but it happens sometimes to players. When he came him, he had some swagger, and he gave us that little bit of puck-moving and skating that we were looking for at the time. For whatever reason, it wasn’t there this year. In defense of Steve, I mean, he may not have had the opportunity because we didn’t have the injuries that [would have given him] the opportunity to play.

“I believe he’s an NHL [1], and I believe he’ll be in the NHL [2] and we got an NHL [1] player in return.”

On how he likes the team’s shot-blocking:

“I’m not dissatisfied with the shot-blocking. I think it’s something that’s very important for the system that we play. Right now, I think the Rangers are best shot-blocking team. ‘€¦ You just see that they’re committed to block shots. We’ve always been committed to block shots. We play that zone defense, and when guys have to block shots, they have to get in the lanes. I’m not dissatisfied, but I also know that blocking shots, you get broken feet, so it’s back to the depth.”

On if the Bruins were close on any other trades:

“There was one deal that we had been working on for a good two weeks that didn’€™t come to fruition and he wasn’€™t dealt. You tend to focus in on a couple of the deals you felt you had the most traction on, the most attractive target. There was one deal like that and it didn’€™t happen.”

On whether Zanon will be in the Bruins’ lineup:

“We’€™re going to have eight defensemen with Johnny [Boychuk [3]] healthy so there’€™s going to be two that are out, but we’€™ll figure that out over time. I don’€™t know who will be in to start, maybe the two guys we added won’€™t be in to start when Johnny’€™s healthy ‘€“ I’€™m not sure yet. We’€™ve had discussions with our coach leading up to this, that if we were to acquire should he play, we talked about these players prior to making the deal so it’€™s a work in progress.”