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NHLPA reportedly close to making counterproposal

08.07.12 at 2:41 pm ET

According to Chris Johnson of the Canadian Press, NHL Players Association executive director Donald Fehr is close to making a counteroffer to the league nearly one month after the league made its initial proposal.

Eyebrows were raised last month when the league’s first offer asked for an 11-percent giveback on hockey-related revenue and a five-year limit on contracts, among other things, though the fact that it was the first proposal suggests the league was hardly adamant regarding its stipulations.

Since then, Fehr has requested further information from the league and was given around 76,000 pages of audited financial statements. The two sides will continue to meet this week in New York, and the NHLPA’s counteroffer will go a long way in telling just how far apart the two sides are and whether a lockout could be likely.

“I think that there’s certainly a possibility ‘€” a reasonable one ‘€” that we’ll be in a position to make some further response,” Fehr told the Canadian Press. “Whether we’ll be in a position to make an alternative proposal yet I don’t know.”

The current CBA is expected to expire on Sept. 15, and though the league could technically continue to play games without a new CBA, fans shouldn’t bank on such a scenario coming to fruition. The league’s last CBA negotiation will live in infamy, as it led to a lockout that resulted in the cancellation of the 2004-05 season.

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