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NHL cancels games through Jan. 14

12.20.12 at 4:16 pm ET

It appears the blinking contest between the NHL and NHLPA will soon end one way or another, as the league announced Thursday that it has cancelled games through Jan. 14.

Previously, games had been cancelled through Dec. 30 due to the lack of a collective bargaining agreement, and with the schedule now erased through mid-January, it is likely that the league would not be able to make further cancellations without losing the entire season. A total of 625 games have been cancelled thus far.

On paper, it would appear the sides are way too close for them to cancel yet another season. Under the owners’ latest proposal, the financial particulars have essentially been agreed upon, but differences remain regarding the length of the CBA and the length of player contracts. Players are currently in the voting process to file a disclaimer of interest, which would allow the union to disband and facilitate individual lawsuits against the players against owners.

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