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Andy Brickley on M&M: ‘I expect [Tyler Seguin] to take a little clearer look in the mirror’

02.13.13 at 2:00 pm ET

Andy Brickley of NESN joined Mut & Merloni on Wednesday to talk about what the Bruins might do with the money they freed up by trading Tim Thomas, Tyler Seguin‘s lack of production, and his broadcasting partner Jack Edwards, whose reaction to the Bruins’ comeback Tuesday has by now been seen all over the hockey world.

“I just admire his passion for the game,” Brickley said of Edwards, who was on video jumping up and down after the Bruins rallied to tie Tuesday’s game. “That was such an unlikely scenario, and how much he cares about quality play and the entertainment value of the visual medium we’re involved in, I think is spectacular. It’s different from my style and therefore I think we’re a good balance, but I think the fact that he’s enjoying it, doing a good job, calling the game the way it should be called, I think he’s doing the fans a service.”

Brickley said that, in addition to solidifying their long-term situation in net, the Bruins could be looking to add a veteran forward before the trade deadline.

“You’ll rarely get another Mark Recchi-type player, but I think that’s where they’re targeting somebody that can play in the top nine as far as their forwards,” he said. “They have a real strong room, but without Recchi and his resume or his pedigree, I think they’re looking for that type of player.

“I know they signed Jay Pandolfo and he brings a couple of Cups, experience, a guy that’s been around a long time. I’m not sure if he’s the guy, but I think they’re looking for that type of player that’s another voice in the room that can help motivate or keep guys in line or further get them to do what they need to do to be accountable to the rest of the team.”

Following are more highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page. For more Bruins news, visit the team page at

On getting more out of Seguin: “The first thing I see is that he has at least one quality scoring chance every game, just because of his skill set. He’s such an immensely talented guy with his speed and ability to get open, his creativity, all the stuff you want in one of your top players. With a little bit of luck, or some would say a little more determination around the net, he’d have half a dozen goals right now. He’d be like a [BradMarchand. It hasn’t happened for him, and when it’s not happening, and you don’t play a Patrice Bergeron-type game where you’re a puck-battle guy and you’re reliable in all three zones ‘€¦ then what else are you going to do for your team?

“What I expect him to do is use his skill set. Use his speed, his quickness ‘€¦ and I expect him to take a little clearer look in the mirror at what he is as a player and what he has to offer the team, and, ‘What am I not doing?’ ‘€¦ I don’t want people to point to his contract and say fat cat syndrome, because I don’t believe that in Tyler, I think he’s better than that. But when you start to say, ‘I could do more for this team,’ and by doing that get a little more committed and a little more accountable, those great skills that you have, they become more obvious.”

On the Bruins’ comeback Tuesday: “I think the feelings that the Bruins had in their locker room probably matched or even exceeded what the Rangers were feeling, even though the Rangers got two points out of that. Everybody seems to think [the Rangers] will be there at the end in the Eastern Conference final, and why not ‘€¦ but to lose a 3-0 lead in the third period in a game where you really wanted to keep the Bruins down has got to be a little depressing walking out of that building.”

On expectations for the Rangers: “I expect both those teams to be in the postseason. I would love it if it was an Eastern Conference final, but sometimes you can really make a case for an emotional Round 1 series. You go back to the Stanley Cup year, that first series against Montreal, a lot of people were saying maybe they’d be better with Montreal in the second round or the third round. I liked it when they played them in the first round, because I had some concerns about Boston really getting emotionally engaged in the first round of the playoffs, and I thought Montreal brought that out of them early.”

On Tuukka Rask’s off game on Tuesday: “What the guys playing in front of him did last night is what Tuukka did for the Bruins in the first period against Montreal. ‘€¦ If it wasn’t for Tuukka in the opening 20 minutes, that would have been a different outcome. Tuukka had their backs in that one, and then the Bruins picked him up in this one. So that’s a sign of a pretty good team.”

On Marchand having a breakout year as a goal-scorer: “He’s one of those guys I was concerned about, given what he did or did not do during the lockout. But he was one of the most fit guys in camp come September, so that eased my concerns to some degree. But right from Day 1, he had great legs, and when you have great legs it’s just a matter of getting your timing.

“He’s got that great speed and quickness the Bruins so badly need in their lineup given the way the game is played today, and he’s got a great desire to score goals. There’s no replacement of that. That’s one of the problems with the power play, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Marchand a little bit more on the power play because he has that desire to score.”

On changes to the power play: “They have enough ability, talent and options to have a good power play. We can talk all the X’s and O’s you want, whether it’s an umbrella or a power I, or a 1-3-1, you can design different plays ‘€¦ but it really comes down to one thing, and that’s work ethic and the desire that I spoke about, about Marchand, and that will to want to score goals. And I truly believe that that’s the only element missing right now from this team.”

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