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Barry Pederson on D&C: ‘I think [Bruins] are going to make a deal’

03.27.13 at 9:45 am ET

Barry Pederson of NESN joined Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday morning to discuss what the Bruins might do before the trade deadline, what price they should pay for a player like Jarome Iginla, and why Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic are struggling to produce.

“I think they believe, the way they are constructed right now, they feel they have the potential to win, but I think there’s a lot of question marks,” Pederson said. “They need to get their offense going. They need to get their power play going.”

Pederson said the Bruins could be justified in giving up Malcolm Subban, another highly regarded prospect and a draft pick for Iginla if they’re confident they can sign Iginla to a multi-year deal. He also brought up Martin St. Louis as a possible trade target for the Bruins.

“I think he’s got a lot more to give and he would probably like to win another Cup,” Pederson said of St. Louis. “I just love his game, and I think the Bruins’ fans do as well. He can play all three positions. He may be small in stature, but as we have seen, he is a guy that gives it. He’s got great intensity. He brings offense. He makes your power play better. I think he would love to play in this system with this team. And they’re in the selling mode. That’s another name to me that’s very intriguing. [Compared to Iginla] I think the price with St. Louis would be a little bit more.”

Whether or not the Bruins deal for one of the bigger names on the market, Pederson said he thinks GM Peter Chiarelli will either do something to bolster the top six forwards or add depth to the defense, or both.

“I think they’re going to make a deal,” he said. “[AdamMcQuaid‘s injury puts you in a tough position. Chris Kelly, you don’t know how he’s going to come back from that injury ‘€¦ The other thing we have to remember is, this is the first time since the last collective bargaining agreement that next year’s salary cap is going lower. If you’re a seller, you may be better off now making a deal now than waiting for the summertime when everybody has to do it.”

Following are more highlights from the conversation. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Bruins coverage, visit the team page at

On Claude Julien shuffling lines and what effect that has: “I think it’s mental. I think it’s more of a situation where you’re kind of sending a message. He did it once earlier, flipping Horton and [TylerSeguin in Montreal, and here he did it with all his left wingers. You could see the frustration — I think some guys weren’t happy with it, which is part of the coach’s message as well. Hey, don’t take things for granted here, we need you to pick up our play. I think especially, the physicality was really missing, especially with Horton and Lucic. I think Lucic picked it up. He came off that power play which was very unsuccessful and man, he was frustrated, cracked his stick over the boards, and I think he tried to slam that door, if not three, maybe four or five times. As soon as he did that, you could see his game pick up, and he started getting his legs under him, getting his second wind a little bit, and more importantly, just being more physically involved.”

On Lucic and Horton’s problems: “Where I can see [Lucic’s] problems is when he’s not skating as well as he did at times, especially early on. The other problem I have with that situation is, they’ve been playing almost a man down because Nathan’s really been struggling so bad. I thought [DavidKrejci and Lucic have been playing a little bit more consistent than Nathan has. After that year-plus off, we were all just astounded after the way Nathan came back. We were all wondering, after the things that he went through, how was he going to start.

“He was not only not tentative, he was initiating physical contact at the beginning of the year. He’s gotten away from that. Lucic, I thought, looked tired to me on this road trip. When he is skating, you can see the energy. You can see the passion, and you can see the fear in the opposing defensemen. When they’re not fearful, they have time. They can make good plays. When he is on top of his game, you, as a defenseman, are very aware when he’s on the ice.”

On what happens when a player is in a slump: “I think it’s kind of what you hear coaches and players talking about cheating. What happens sometimes is, he’s a proud guy. He knows that he’s called upon to do certain things. I know that if I was struggling at certain times, where I got myself in trouble was, I would start to do things to try and create offense, and what you end up doing is you start pressing and you start cheating.

“Where and how you get yourself out of these problems is, you kind of go back to basics. With Claude’s system, what that means is, you do not get scored against, you go out there and you play the defensive system and you work hard and you check. When they try to play finesse and they believe they’re a scoring team that can check, they get themselves in trouble. Lucic and Nathan have to get themselves back into the role of every game, the opposing defense knows that these guys are a checking team that’s going to put me through the boards and create space for Krejci. When they do that, their offense will look after itself. When you go out there trying to score goals, you start to cheat. You start pulling out of your zone a little bit too early, not because you’re doing the selfish thing, but because you know that there’s a responsibility for you. You’re some of the top six forwards on the team, you’ve got to produce.”

On trading for Jaromir Jagr: “If I don’t have to give up much, I think he may have a little bit more left in the tank for a good playoff run. The problem is, though, I think a lot of other teams are going to want to take a look at him as well. ‘€¦ The asking price is way too high. Now we’re starting to see some movements. Dallas was selling early in the week, so was San Jose. But when you have those one or two assets around the league that are coveted by multiple teams, the asking price is too high. More teams, to me, make the wrong moves at the deadline by overpaying and put their organization heading in the wrong direction, than those that actually help themselves.”

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