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John Buccigross on D&C: Bruins are ‘going to add a significant player’ before deadline

03.28.13 at 10:19 am ET

ESPN’s John Buccigross chatted with Dennis & Callahan on Thursday morning, focusing on the trade of Jarome Iginla to the Penguins.

By the end of the Bruins’ 6-5 shootout loss to the Canadiens, it still seemed almost certain that the B’s would acquire the six-time All-Star, in a move that would have immediately helped Boston’s Stanley Cup aspirations.

“This is an all-timer,” Buccigross said. “I can’t remember in NHL history when a player of this impact, future Hall-of-Famer, was all set to come to a team, especially an Original Six team like the Bruins, and the whole hockey world had it coming, and then it didn’t happen, and of all teams he goes to another up-and-coming kind of organization like the Penguins. It’s a stunner.”

A key part of the potential trade with the Bruins was the fact that Iginla had a no-trade clause, and that could have been the difference.

“I think Calgary got a little better deal with the Bruins than they got for two marginal prospects from the Penguins,” Buccigross said. “But in the end, the player had the no-trade clause and he controlled where he wanted to go.”

Even without Iginla, the Bruins still have a legitimate shot at making it to the Stanley Cup finals. The current fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, the B’s still could make a trade before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. deadline.

“Last night I almost tweeted, I’d rather see Jay Bouwmeester come to Boston than Jarome Iginla,” Buccigross said. “They need Jay Bouwmeester more than they need Jarome Iginla. A defenseman who’s experienced, who can really skate. He would become the Bruins’ best skating defenseman if he got traded to Boston. You look at Dennis Seidenberg, Zdeno Chara‘s not getting any faster. To me he looks a lot slower this year, personally. … A lot of big guys who don’t move so well around the Penguins and the Canadiens. So, I would prefer really good skating defenseman, and Jay Bouwmeester’s just that and he’s big.”

If the Bruins were to stand pat, they still would be considered as one of the favorites to reach the finals, along with the Montreal and Pittsburgh. The Bruins sit just one point behind Montreal for the Northeast Division lead.

“We saw last night they can score, and Tyler Seguin‘s played great against Montreal and one reason why he’s producing is because he’s their best skater,” Buccigross said. “[Brad] Marchand and [Patrice] Bergeron, they can play with this team and that’s going to be their competition. The big three in the East is Montreal, Boston and Pittsburgh. One of those three teams — unless the Rangers pull out a miracle, but again, they’re not a great skating team, either — so I would really expect one of those three teams to get [to the finals].

“Certainly they can beat Montreal, they’ve done very well against them except for the last two, and then it comes up against Pittsburgh. I still think [the Bruins] are going to do something. They’re going to add a significant player between now and next Wednesday, the Bruins. Whether it’s [Martin] St. Louis, which I don’t see that. But Ryan Clowe, he’s a big time free agent; nasty, mean guy. Something here. I think they’re going to focus more on speed, or at least they should.”

While the Bruins may look to make an acquisition on defense, they seem set with Tuukka Rask starting in goal and Anton Khudobin as the backup. The 26-year-old Rask is 15-4-4 this season and sports a .923 save percentage.

“I certainly believe in his talents,” Buccigross said. “He’s a great shootout goalie, which is a great way to show someone skill. He’s obviously a nutcase because he will freak out after a loss. That’s nice, to have a goalie who is a little bit of a nut job. Overall, I think I believe in his talent, I do. I think they can win with him.

“In the end I think it’s going to come down to team speed, playing the Penguins and Montreal. Montreal looked really faster at times last night, before the Bruins finally woke up. Overall, I think the Bruins are fine. I do think they will make a trade here to shake things up and hopefully they can get Milan Lucic and everybody cooking in one direction because right now they’re definitely disjointed.”

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