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Milan Lucic: ‘Screw it, you just have to leave it all out there’

05.14.13 at 3:10 am ET

How desperate were the Bruins in the last 11 minutes of the third period of Game 7, down three goals?

“I just said, ‘Screw it, you just have to leave it all out there and anything can happen.’ And that’s what happened,” Milan Lucic said after the greatest Game 7 comeback in Stanley Cup playoff history Monday night.

“That’s all it took, especially when you’re down. You do whatever you can to give yourself a chance, and we were finally able to have a clean break out into a rush, which we haven’t had in three games until [Nathan Horton‘s] goal. And then it seemed like we started to play more reckless and taking pucks to the net and everything like that.

“That’s where I talk about, ‘Screw it, leave everything on the line and everything hopefully will take care of itself.’ ”

Lucic said Patrice Bergeron helped lift a weight off the shoulders of his team by lifting a weight off his own shoulders, scoring the game-tying and game-winning goals in the 5-4 Miracle on Causeway.

“Definitely, it’s a weight lifted off the shoulder and it creates momentum, and hopefully that’s the case this year as well. You need guys to step up at key times,” Lucic said. “Things aren’t always going to go smoothly for you, just like things didn’t go smoothly at all for Bergy, Marchy [Brad Marchand] and Segs [Tyler Seguin]. But all said and done, it doesn’t matter. They were still able to step up and get a goal when it mattered the most. Hopefully, they can gain some momentum off that and the team can gain momentum off the win.

“Hopefully, it builds momentum. Two years ago, it definitely built a lot of momentum for our team. We have a lot to look forward to. We know it gets tougher as each round goes on.”

Another great aspect of the win is that it gives Boston and New York fans one more chance to go face-to-face in the playoffs. It was the Red Sox-Yankees in 1999, 2003 and ’04. It was the Patriots and Jets in 2006 and 2010. The Knicks just dispatched the Celtics in six games. And now, it’s Bruins-Rangers in the 2013 Eastern Conference semifinals.

“Here we go, Boston-New York, Red Sox-Yankees, Giants-Patriots, Knicks-Celtics this year and now we have Bruins-Rangers. Two cities there’s a lot hatred between in sports. I think from a fans perspective, and a players’ perspective, there’s a lot to look forward to,” Lucic said.

Other items from Lucic postgame:

On whether the B’s underestimated the Maple Leafs: “I think after Game 4 we did. I don’€™t think once the series started we underestimated them. That’€™s why we had a 3-1 lead after four games, but after that it just seemed like it was almost like a bit of we did underestimate them a bit, and when it felt like we deflated them in that Game 4 overtime goal that wasn’€™t the case at all. They came out and played hard and gave themselves a chance to win, and thankfully for us we were able to come out with a win here.”

On the possibility of Monday night’€™s game meaning changes to the team if the B’s had lost: “You guys know what it’€™s been like here the last two years ever since we won. It’€™s kind of been, like Claude [Julien] said, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of team, and he said that after yesterday’€™s game, and it was no different in today’€™s game and I think it’€™s a special group and we don’€™t want it to change and everyone has a lot of fun coming to the rink here and being around each other and playing for each other and I think we need to keep stepping it up and hopefully push for another good run here because the Rangers are going to be just as hard or even better.”

On how he would describe the last minute and a half of the game: “The mindset was different. In the season when you’€™re out on a six-on-five sometimes you start thinking, ‘€˜I don’€™t want to be on for that empty-net goal,’€™ where this time it was, ‘€˜We’€™re going to score. We’€™re going to retrieve the puck. We’€™re going to score.’€™ Them getting an empty-net goal I don’€™t think was in any of our minds, at least it wasn’€™t on my mind, so the mindset was definitely different in the last two minutes there when we had the goalie pulled compared to what it’€™s been like for us in the past with a six-on-five.”

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