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Bobby Orr on D&C: Bruins ‘a better team than they were in ’11’

06.06.13 at 9:11 am ET

Bruins legend Bobby Orr joined Dennis & Callahan on Thursday after watching Wednesday night’s thrilling Game 3 at TD Garden, a 2-1 double-overtime victory for the Bruins over the Penguins.

“This team, you go back to the Toronto series, is this the same team? What did they do? Absolutely amazing,” Orr said. “They didn’t play great against Toronto. The 10 minutes of the last game, an unbelievable comeback. They played a little better against the Rangers. But in this series, they’re playing as well now as they did in ’11. They’ve completely dominated Pittsburgh. ‘€¦ They’re playing their big guys against their big guys, and the Bruin guys that are supposed to score are scoring, Tuukka [Rask] has been unbelievable. I don’t know what happened. But Claude [Julien] and the coaching staff got them playing great. Very impressive. Very impressive.”

Added Orr: “This is team is playing unbelievable hockey. And people are going to say, ‘Well, Pittsburgh’s not playing very well.’ Well, the Bruins aren’t letting them play. They’re all over them, they’re not giving them any room. And when they get those chances, Tuukka’s coming up huge for that team. It’s a team effort.”

Sidney Crosby has been criticized for his lack of production in this series, but Orr said the focus instead should be on how well the Bruins are playing to shut down all the Penguins‘ stars.

“I don’t agree with that at all, about him being overrated and this guy not doing da-da-da-da,” Orr said. “Let’s look at what the Bruins are doing. they’re not giving them one inch. You want to play tough? The Bruins are there. Finesse? Every player that’s supposed to — whatever the players’ strength is, that player is playing to his full strength. It’s wonderful to watch. And they’re defense, wow. Defensively they’re very, very strong.”

Gregory Campbell took a slap shot off his leg late in the second period but showed toughness by getting back to his feet and struggling to help the B’s penalty kill for almost a minute until the puck was cleared and he had a chance to get to the bench.

“What that kid did last night — I mean, they’re reporting he may have a broken leg. He obviously he was in pain, and he hung in there,” Orr said. “That’s the team. That’s the team right there. That’s what they are right now. We saw what they’re made of. This team has a ton of character. A ton of character.”

Added Orr: “What he did was incredible. Certainly it gave the team a great lift. Certainly the fans appreciated what Gregory did.”

Orr said this team appears headed for a championship.

“Everybody on that Bruin team, top to bottom, they’re doing what they are supposed to do to win,” he said. “I watched the other [series] and I can’t see anybody beating them. I think they’re better now than they were in ’11, I really do. The way they’re playing right now, I think they’re a better team than they were in ’11.”

Added Orr: “Let’s not go too quickly here; let’s get this one over with and let’s see who they’re going to play. But looking at if they get to the finals, and they should, Chicago, LA, I can’t see why they can’t win it. Not at all.”

Asked about a comment from Ray Bourque a couple of years ago that Zdeno Chara is a better defensive defenseman than Orr and Bourque were, Orr agreed, adding that Chara is “playing the best hockey I’ve ever seen him play.”

“No question. No question,” Orr said. “I mean, that reach? Those two games [in Pittsburgh] ‘€¦ he was awesome. That reach, he plays against all the big guys. He’s a much better defensive defenseman than I was.”

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