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Shawn Thornton on D&C: Blackhawks ‘had a lot of energy, a lot of fire’ in Game 4

06.21.13 at 9:55 am ET

Bruins forward Shawn Thornton checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Friday morning, and he was pretty clear about what the Bruins need to do to rebound in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals in Chicago Saturday night: Slow the Blackhawks down.

The home team wasn’t able to do that in Game 4 Wednesday, and the Bruins paid for it in the form of a 6-5 overtime Blackhawks win. The back-and-forth contest was ill-suited for the Bruins’ skill set, Thornton said.

“They came to play. They had a lot of energy, a lot of fire,” Thornton said. “They changed their game a little bit ‘€” they found a way to get a little bit more speed through the neutral zone, that’€™s kind of the way they’€™re built. We’€™re going to have to remedy that for the next game. We don’€™t want them entering the zone with as much speed as they had last game.

“We have to get back to playing in layers and playing our game and coming up as a unit. ‘€¦ We’€™re a better team when we’€™re coming up together and making plays as a five-man unit. We’€™re not built for the one-on-one, beating guys, dangling, stuff like that. We’€™re more of a straight-line type of hockey team. We have to get back to that.”

Thornton echoed a sentiment similar to one coach Claude Julien has expressed on several occasions.

“We’€™re a defensive team that can score, not a scoring team that can play defense,” Thornton said. “That’€™s how we look at things.”

Thornton noted that although it wasn’t the Bruins type of game, they still scored five goals and were still very much in it until the very end. The team exposed an apparent weakness in Chicago goalie Corey Crawford‘s game ‘€” shooting to his glove-side ‘€” but Thornton insisted it wasn’t by design.

“The goal scorers, they see what they see and try to put the puck in the areas of the net where he isn’€™t,” he said. “I think all five of ours went glove-side, but that ‘€” I think we’€™ve shot everywhere and the five that went in were there.

“We didn’€™t have a video session that said, ‘€˜The only place you should shoot is glove-side.’€™ You’€™ve also seen him rob guys glove-side too. I think it was just the way it worked out that game.”

As the series progresses, particularly if it stays as tight as it has been thus far, the hosts suggested the officials will be hesitant to call a lot of penalties ‘€” even more so than they have been already. Thornton wasn’t exactly disappointed in that possibility.

“Some things get let go a little bit in the finals. I’€™m OK with that,” Thornton said, noting that he’s also OK with serving the too-many-men infractions because it guarantees he gets back on the ice for at least a couple seconds. “I think this time of year the players should have the opportunity to win or lose this game. I don’€™t think it should be decided by a call, especially a marginal call. … They’€™ll call what they see and need to call, and the other stuff, they’€™ll let go of the trivial stuff.

“That being said, they’€™re doing a good job of staying fairly consistent with it.”

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