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Report: Bruins hired guard to keep eye on Tyler Seguin

Much has been made of the Bruins’ concerns with Tyler Seguin [1]‘s after-hours activities in his days with the B’s, and the Boston Herald had a pretty interesting tidbit Friday.

According to veteran beat writer Steve Harris, the Bruins ordered Seguin to live in a hotel during the postseason, where they had a hired guard to make sure the 21-year-old didn’t leave.

From Harris [2]:

It apparently got so bad that during the playoffs, the Bruins ordered Seguin to live in a hotel, where a guard was hired to make sure he stayed in his room.

It is widely believed that Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli spoke to Seguin about his off-ice choices during the first round of the playoffs against the Maple Leafs. Chiarelli¬†publicly¬†criticized Seguin’s professionalism last weekend at the NHL [3] draft before trading the young scorer to the Stars on Thursday.