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‘Behind the B’ running diary: Tuukka Rask’s brother Joonas is his caddy, Tuukka Rask’s brother Joonas is his caddy, Tuukka Rask’s brother Joonas is his caddy

09.09.13 at 8:02 pm ET

One fool’s observations while watching “Behind the B” ….

8:01: Really cool that they show them in there after Game 6. Remember Krejci staying in his pads, crying. Crazy scene. Nobody likes losing, but Krejci really hates it.

8:03: Torey Krug is the first player mentioned. Salk’s been hanging around NESN too much.  

8:05: Leary says “dry spells” is what caused Bruins to consider trading Seguin. That’s borderline libel.

8:09: So they all sat around a table and said Seguin was like Kessel.

8:11: Why Horton wouldn’t negotiate with Bruins will always be a mystery. Had it on very good authority leading into offseason he had interest in staying on a longer-term deal.  

8:12: Really refreshing to see that Bruins, throughout all their “he’s young and getting better” talk, thought the same thing the rest of us did about Seguin. He was a timid player and the character concerns were real.

8:18: Loui Eriksson’s handshake is so underrated.

8:18: That’s the biggest watch I’ve ever seen. Totally underrated accessory.

8:18: It would have been really underrated of them to TURN THE LOUD AIR CONDITIONING OFF.

8:22: This is the best episode of “Property Brothers” ever.

8:26: First Lucic sighting. Stop showing game clips. This isn’t called “In Front of the B.”

8:28: A main character has a baby? This show has jumped the shark.

8:29: Lucic was gushing his first day back after his wife had their daughter. He said one of the reasons they named her Valentina was because he didn’t want her to have a name people could mispronounce.

8:33: The “We didn’t get Jarome Iginla” press conference was the most fascinating thing I’ve ever seen. Such a strange day.

8:36: Though Lucic and Iginla are very interesting players, this isn’t behind the scenes. Behind the scenes is the draw here.

8:41: Leary on prospects: “They may not be able to bowl.” Thanks for killing their trade value.

8:42: John Whitesides with the first two F-bombs of the series.

8:43: Make it three.

8:44: I’ve never seen someone as happy to have to exercise for punishment as Subban.

8:45: Make it four. Five. Jesus. Six.

8:45: Seven. Eight.

8:47: Players are on the ice, working with coaches. Off camera, John Whitesides is probably swearing.

8:54: Tuukka sighting. More F-words on the way?

8:56: Whitesides has said the F-word eight times. Tuukka has made six jokes about how his brother is his caddy. This will be close.

8:58: Good candidates for spinoffs: Krejci, Tuukka, Whitesides, Seguin.

8:58: There’s that seventh caddy joke.

9:00: All in all it was OK. The percentage of it that was legitimate behind-the-scenes stuff (maybe 10 percent) was amazing. The rest was not. Considering the interesting stuff was front office stuff, that doesn’t bode well for how good this show will be when moves aren’t being made. That said, it will be interesting if they show a good amount of dressing room stuff like speeches, in-between-period talk, etc.

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