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Bruins feel fighting worth risk in preseason

09.23.13 at 11:23 pm ET

The NHL is having a ball with preseason fights, and the Bruins and Capitals were the most recent participants. There were five fights at TD Garden Monday night, with Bruins regulars participating in three of them.

In addition to Kevan Miller and Nick Johnson, the B’s saw Milan Lucic, Johnny Boychuk and Adam McQuaid drop the gloves at different points Monday against the Capitals. Joel Rechlicz was the adversary of both Lucic and Boychuk.

While it sure looked like fun for the parties involved, fighting always carries a risk, and the reward is that you can either swing the momentum of the game or prove that you and your teammates stick up for one another. Sorry, but in the preseason, proving either of those two things doesn’t outweigh the risk of getting hurt. The Bruins feel differently.

“There’€™s a lot of cons to fighting in the preseason,” Lucic admitted following the game. “You don’€™t want to break a hand or get a concussion or anything like that from fighting in the preseason. The pros are you’€™re showing that no matter what the situation is and no matter what the game is, you’€™re going to stick up for yourself and your teammates, [no matter] what the situation is.”

One major issue surrounding fighting is that this season will be the first in which players will be penalized for removing their helmets before a fight. Last week, the Islanders and Devils got creative when Krys Barch and Brett Gallant politely removed each other’s helmet and then fought. There was a similar situation involving Miller and Aaron Volpatti Monday night.

Asked about the new rule, Lucic clearly wasn’t in favor but gave as politically correct an answer as he could.

“I know with the mandatory visors and not being able to take off your helmet, you’€™re going to see a lot more guys punching a lot more helmets and maybe guys breaking their hands a lot more just from hitting a helmet,” he said. “So it’€™s one of those rules that the NHL felt like they needed to make; regardless of what I think of it we still have to live with it.”

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