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Jack Edwards on S&H: ‘Peter Gammons commenting about hockey is like me commenting about women’s fashion’

NESN Bruins play-by-by man Jack Edwards vented his issues with an anti-NHL Peter Gammons [1] tweet Wednesday during his appearance with Salk & Holley. For audio of Edwards’ appearance, check the Salk & Holley audio on demand page [2].

Edwards took a shot at Gammons during his call of Monday’s game against the Kings, disagreeing with Gammons’ tweet criticizing the actions of players and coaches in Saturday’s game between the Canucks and Flames.


Edwards made a fart noise Monday in response to the tweet, and followed up Wednesday on WEEI.

“I haven’t spoke to Peter directly,” Edwards said, “but on the other hand I haven’t seen him at a hockey game in about six years, either.”

Added Edwards: “Peter Gammons [1] said, ‘This is why hockey will always be a minor sport.’ You know, Peter Gammons [1] commenting about hockey is like me commenting about women’s fashion. It’s just absolutely not his spectrum. He has no validity. He has no credibility. If the guy were at the rink all the time, maybe we’d consider his opinion.”

Asked why he would need to be at games in order to form an opinion, Edwards said that one should be accountable and make themselves available to players after criticizing them.

“If you’re going to paint it with that broad a brush and speak from a position of being a Hall of Fame writer in any sport, you at least owe the guys about whom you’re talking the chance to refute it to your face,” Edwards said. “If you want to write something nasty, if you want to say something nasty, that’s fine. It is your obligation to be standing in front of the dressing stall the next time those guys play in your town. Period. That’s just having enough sack to show up. That’s all. Not to throw some broad side out there of, ‘Oh, that’s why hockey will always be a minor sport.’

“You know, Peter can have whatever opinion he wants. He can be as wrong as he wants. Hockey’s not a minor sport. Hockey is, in fact, the greatest sport in the world. I just can’t wait until other sports just decide that they’re above it all. And if there’s one sport in which you find guys who have an attitude that they think their poopy spells good, you know where to find it, and it’s not at the hockey rink.”

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