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Green Men Blog: Checking in before Bruins-Canucks rematch 01.06.12 at 7:00 am ET
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We meet again Boston.

With the Canucks in town for a rematch of the Cup final, we thought we’€™d check in. The fans back here in Vancouver are starting to think we retired after last year’s second place finish. It’s funny to look at message boards and see people asking if Force is actually a different person or if I [Sully] have a different suit. Nothing’€™s changed. We just haven’t had the chance to renew old rivalries yet.

Since September, Force and I have done quite a bit off the ice. We rappelled down a skyscraper in Vancouver and helped raise $10,000 for charity. We’ve travelled abroad to ECHL, BCHL and even NFL games and cheered on other teams as part of our training camp. We’ve paid a visit to a few friends in hospitals and we’ve wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The fun good-willed seasonal spirit ends now though.

In 2011, Force and I picked up nearly a quarter million fans online, tickets to see every game of the cup final, met the Prime Minister, were spoofed by Letterman and were on ESPN almost every other day. Needless to say, it’€™s going to be tough to top what happened last spring. That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to do it, we’re just saying it won’t be easy.

So far, Force and I have been to only one game this season, between the Canucks and the Nashville Predators in early December. The crowd wasn’t quite as into it and you could tell each team in the rink wasn’t quite in playoff mode either. That was a whole year ago though.

Since then, the Canucks have been on a tear. [Roberto] Luongo‘s played his best hockey of the season. [Ryan] Kesler is back to beast mode and our young rook Cody Hodgson can’t be stopped. This team added a few pieces in the offseason, got focused again and hasn’t looked back.

Now, having to watch your Bruins tear it up in the east from over here hasn’t been easy. You guys have a good team this year, I’ll give you that. Since you cleared some space in the locker room by getting rid of Mark Recchi‘s walker and his lifetime supply of Bengay, you’ve looked refurbished. This will be your first test though. Who are we kidding? The East is always a cakewalk.

The better team won last year, we won’t question that. You guys played harder and you earned the Cup. While we still can’t stand your team, we’re happy and proud of our hometown boy Looch [Milan Lucic].

In fact, we took a bit of flack last year because of 17 in black. A lot of people thought he was giving it to us in the box, because of his hand gestures [in Game 5]. The guy was a beauty to us though, and was laughing the whole time. I had a fake witch’s nose on and he kept saying his was bigger. Though on TV, it looked like he was talking about Brad Marchand in the showers.

Everyone back here is congratulatory of your accomplishment last year, except for the few skidmarks of this city that unfortunately all showed up at Game 7 to riot. They don’t represent our city or country. In fact, we’re doing our best in Vancouver to put them where they belong, behind bars.

Our Green Men 2012 debut is inching closer and closer, much like your inevitable choking when it comes to defending your Cup. You have a great city and we really enjoyed our time there. When it comes to baseball, we don’t like the Stanks either, so we’ll leave that alone. When it comes to football, your glory days are behind you. When it comes to basketball, same thing. Hockey’s no different. You’re forgetting that this is our game. Consider what happened last year a gift, it won’t happen again.

See you in the final Boston,

The Green Men

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Green Men Blog: Recapping the smacks, swears, beers and good times in Boston 06.10.11 at 3:10 pm ET
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We landed in Boston at Logan Airport around midnight and headed for hotel in the beautiful city of Quincy. Once there, we decided to try out a local delicacy called “Dunkin Donuts”. It was decadent.

After two hours sleep, the Super Bowl-style media circuit got underway. First stop, WEEI. The boys there were awesome. From the radio show to the web guys, that station served up some damn good times. The update man “Meter” did his best WWE Goldust impression by wearing a gold suit on-air. Word to the wise my friend: it was on backwards and there’s a reason we wear jocks dude. Good on ya though.

We then headed out to the Garden for about 10-15 more interviews. The funniest one was for a Canadian national broadcaster that thought we didn’t know who Bobby Orr was. “Hey there’s the statue of Bobby Orr, you guys know him?” No, who is the Orr fellow?

After all the media we then had some time to sit down for some brews. The Boston Brew House was excellent and the Fenway Lagers hit the spot. By the way, excellent Haddock…holy crap that was good!

We boarded a trolley bus full of Canuck fans. Some were sober, but most were tanked I think. I want to apologize to Bostonians as well. Some of the guys on the bus were giving people the middle finger in the streets and that’s not cool in the slightest. That’s not the Canadian, let alone Vancouver way at all.

Game time hit around 8:00. We went to the game with our suits under our pants and timed it beautifully. We waited for the giant Bruins flag to come over top of us and we threw em on with nobody looking.

Everything was going great until Aaron Rome knocked out Nathan Horton. We were worried for Horton just like the rest of the crowd but of course a few people saw it differently. They yelled, swore and threatened us. The worst part was that there was a family in front of us and the father kept covering the sons ears because of this meat head swearing at us. I’m all for taking a few heckels and chirps, but come on man, don’t go all out when there’s little kids around.

We took a few shoves, middle fingers and beaks that night. Not to mention on the ice we took pounding, 8-1. We were rushed into a washroom with 1:30 left on the clock and told to hurry up and change by some of Boston’s finest. It’s because of them we didn’t return home in a body bag that night.

DAY 2:

We took the day off from the suits and headed to New York City. We took the Amtrak there, which we’d learn later, was a hell of a lot better than taking the bus. Once in NYC we headed straight for the ballpark to watch the Sox lay a beat down on the Yanks. It was awesome.

We did a little bit of work for WEEI while we were there and helped out as best we could. It was the least we could do considering how awesome those guys were to us back on Day 1. Actually, you know what? Here and now, I’m going to proclaim WEEI our favorite station when in Beantown. That’s our home away from home. You heard it here first!

Back to the game. The BoSox dominated the Yanks and we then headed for Times Square. It was alright. I’m sorry, but there were too many lights. I kept thinking, “What a waste of electricity.” It was like three in the morning and they were still pumping out a huge power bill. There were 20 people in the street. I got confused easily as you can see.

We then grabbed the 3:30 am express bus back to Boston. I, Sully, ended sleeping on the floor, while Force took up two seats. Man that bus ride sucked.

DAY 3:

We got to explore the city and take it in a bit. We did the Fenway Park tour which was amazing. That is, hands down, the coolest ballpark/stadium I’ve ever seen. So much history in that joint. It was so awesome that I’m going to head back to Boston soon after the Cup finals to catch a game. The tour was great but I need the real experience. I also bought a few vintage Sox shirts which, guaranteed, I’ll get chirped for back home, but to hell with it! They’re good looking shirts.

We went to the game not knowing what to expect. The cab ride was eerily silent as we could sense the tone had changed. Not only were the Bruins riding this high, you could feel that their fans were also pretty charged. I wasn’t worried but I was a little uncomfortable knowing that anything could happen, even and especially for the worse.

We pulled the same change into the suit under the flag routine and it was game on.

After a lackluster first we took photos in the concourse again and were asked if we’d like to visit the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper. Obviously, we said yes.

During the next intermission we were ushered by security over to his section. It was awesome but the walk back was brutal. A few cops helped us again but I had a drink poured on me, got kicked, and smacked in the head. It was a little rough but it’s playoff time and you have to play through the pain.


I’d say about 95 percent of people down there were awesome and realized that we meant no harm and tried to be as polite as possible. That’s the Canadian way. However, the other five percent were relentless, crude and rude…especially around the kids. Not much bothers me in that suit, except for people swearing around little kids.

We took a bunch of photos with youngsters and their parents and every time we did, there was a guy or two dropping constant f-bombs. Go to the game, have a good time, but come on, don’t be a total jerk.

Aside from that, Boston you’ve got a beautiful city and we thank you for the hospitality.

I’m out.

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