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David Krejci might miss World Cup of Hockey, Torey Krug aims to be ready for season 08.29.16 at 7:04 pm ET
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David Krejci

David Krejci

Both David Krejci and Torey Krug intend to be ready for the start of the regular season after offseason surgery. That’s better news for the Bruins than it is for, say, the Czech national team.

Krejci, who had surgery for a right hip impingement in April, has not officially bailed on the World Cup of Hockey, but his participation does not seem likely. After skating with five teammates at Warrior Ice Arena Monday, the veteran center said that he has been in touch with the national team weekly and that they’re not banking on him being there.

“If you asked me a long time ago, then yes, but right now I just want to get to 100 percent,” Krejci said of whether he’ll play in the tournament. “If I’m ready, then that will be awesome, but if not, you have to do what you have to do to be 100 percent.”

Added Krejci: “I’m in contact with the national team coach and we talk pretty much every week. They’re asking about my update, and we kind of know what’s going on. I’m sure they have some backup plan if it’s not going to work out, but we’ll see what happens.”

The sides plan to talk again later in the week, with Krejci saying the team hasn’t given him a date by which he must decide.

Krejci got back on the ice Aug. 17 and has worked his way up from doing light circles to more intensive skating. He wasn’t on the ice particularly long Monday (no longer than 20 minutes), but he noted that this week will consist of ramping up the volume of time spent on the ice.

As for Krug, the 25-year-old says that he is medically on track after having right shoulder surgery. After skating with teammates Monday, he noted that he is not yet taking one-timers.

“I’m trying to avoid doing too many crazy things out there,” Krug said. “[I’ll] take it slow and day-by-day. We still have plenty of time until camp, so as it ramps up here I’ll probably do that individually as well.”

Krug said that he “knew for a while” during the season that he was going to need the surgery he eventually received, even though he played in 81 of Boston’s 82 games. The defenseman said that the torn labrum bugged him at various points of the season.

Despite being hampered by the injury, Krug put up a career-best 44 points last season.

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David Krejci doesn’t really care about Jimmy Vesey, but he misses Loui Eriksson at 1:28 pm ET
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David Krejci

David Krejci

BRIGHTON — Don Sweeney’s sales pitch to Jimmy Vesey was built around being David Krejci’s left wing. Vesey passed, but it doesn’t seem Krejci’s losing sleep over it.

“I’m not really disappointed with that guy,” Krejci said Monday of the Rangers rookie. “Obviously I heard he’s a good player, but he has to prove himself on the NHL level. I was more disappointed we weren’t able to keep Loui.”

Loui is, of course, Loui Eriksson, and Krejci had thoughts on that, too. The Bruins declined to give the 31-year-old Eriksson the $6 million cap hit over six years he got from the Canucks, but they signed 32-year-old David Backes to a five-year deal worth the same annually.

Though the Bruins prefer Backes’ character and toughness, Eriksson is the better player at this point and figures to age better. Furthermore, saying goodbye to Eriksson meant once again taking away one of Krejci’s trusted wings in what’s become an annual occurrence; Krejci has also seen the departures of linemates Nathan Horton (2013), Jerome Iginla (2014) and Milan Lucic (2015) in recent seasons.

“I felt like we had some good chemistry going, so that was kind of a tough time to see [Eriksson] go, but I’ve gotten kind of used to seeing my favorite guys going away — Milan, Nathan, Iggy,” Krejci said. “I’m going to have to just play my game and try to find chemistry with whoever’s going to be on my line.”

Regardless of how Krejci’s dealing with Vesey’s decision, the truth is that the former Harvard captain would have been a good get for both the Bruins and Krejci, something Krejci himself admitted. With Brad Marchand a good bet to stay in Boston long-term, Vesey could have held down Boston’s second-line left wing job for years alongside Krejci if the two were to click. With David Pastrnak still emerging, the Bruins would have had the makings of a very strong line going forward.

Asked for clarification on his words about Vesey, Krejci said that he understood the hullabaloo that surrounded the player, especially considering the timing of his sweepstakes.

“Mostly in the summer there isn’t much that people talk about; this was kind of on top of the list for people to talk about,” Krejci said. “Obviously there was a little pressure on him, but he brought it on himself, I guess.”

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Bruins told Jimmy Vesey he would likely play with David Krejci 08.19.16 at 9:53 pm ET
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Jimmy Vesey chose to sign with the Rangers Friday. (Getty Images)

Jimmy Vesey chose to sign with the Rangers Friday. (Getty Images)

Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton said on a conference call Friday night that the team did not make any promise of a top-six role before agreeing to terms with free agent left wing Jimmy Vesey.

“I never got the feeling that he was looking for any kind of promise,” Gorton said. “I think that he’s a pretty proud guy and I think he’s very confident in his abilities.”

Well, Vesey did have a promise of such a role from the Predators before he elected free agency and he had at least one more when he met with teams this week.

According to a source present at Wednesday’s meeting at Warrior Ice Arena, the Bruins told Vesey that he would be used as a top-six forward, most likely lining up to the left of David Krejci on Boston’s second line. Krejci was among the Bruins players present for Wednesday’s meeting, which lasted two and a half hours.

Vesey turned down the Bruins and six other teams — the Sabres, Blackhawks, Islanders, Penguins, Leafs and Devils — by electing to sign a two-year deal with the Rangers on Friday.

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David Backes discusses Bruins contract length, fit with David Krejci, Patrice Bergeron, Ryan Spooner 07.01.16 at 5:23 pm ET
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David Backes feels he'll hold up over the length of his five-year deal. (Jasen Vinlove/USA Today Sports)

David Backes feels he’ll hold up over the length of his five-year deal. (Jasen Vinlove/USA Today Sports)

The best question on David Backes’ introductory conference call was asked by himself.

Or, at least, it was a question he recalled asking the Bruins as they went about trying to sign the former Blues captain.

“Through the process I was asking questions and didn’t want to pull myself out of being part of the Bruins, but I said, ‘You’ve got Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, who are top-tier center-icemen and are both right-handed,’” Backes said. “’You’re going to bring me in as another right-handed center men. Your top three center men are all going to be right-handed. How’s that going to work?’”

The elephant in the room that follows Backes’ signing is that someone’s either got to go or be used differently. Ryan Spooner is the Bruins’ sole left-shot center, so could Krejci be traded? Could Backes be moved to wing? Backes said that his talks with the B’s prior to signing focused “mostly” on him playing center, but he allowed for the possibility of playing right wing, as he did during the postseason for the Blues.

“If a guy like Spooner can play the third-line center and I move up to the right side with [Brad] Marchand and Bergeron, that gives us a heavy, responsible line that can put a lot of pucks in the net,” Backes said.

“If you want to call me third-line, I completely respect that,” Backes said. “Those two other guys are awesome, but I’ve got to imagine that we’re going to share a lot of responsibility and not burden one guy with all the hard ice or the heavy lifting. When you have responsible guys that can share those roles, then we can all flourish on the other side of the ice and have tons of energy to go out for the ends of games to close it out or score a late big goal.”

The number of right-shot centers presents something of a redundancy. The length of his contract, however, is what is most worrisome. Backes has stayed healthy throughout his career, but one has to wonder who he will hold up in the final two years of his deal.

“I’m 32; I’m not 52,” Backes said. “I think there’s plenty of legs and plenty of physicality and energy left in me. The terms that I’ve come to, people may have questions, but for me, I expect to still be at the top of my game for the last year and still be a contributing member for the Boston Bruins.”

Added Backes: “I don’t think the game’s getting slower. It’s a fast game, but if you start to manage the puck in the right way, you can occupy the offensive zone and do a lot of the things that teams that are heavy and control the puck and occupy the zone do, it’s not a track meet up and down the ice. With Pittsburgh winning the Cup, a team that was kind of designed on that track meet, ‘let’s go, let’s see who can skate the fastest up the ice,’ there may be a trend or a tendency to try to start to build teams like that, but you’ve also seen teams in the LA Kings and the Boston Bruins win playing that heavy game and maybe not having the fastest team, but winning every battle that you get into, being able to control the puck once you get it.”

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David Krejci to have hip surgery, other Bruins reveal injuries 04.11.16 at 12:04 pm ET
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David Krejci

David Krejci

David Krejci said at Monday’s year-end media availability that he will have hip surgery to repair an issue that has plagued him for the last two seasons.

Krejci first suffered the injury in the final preseason game before the 2014-15 season and was in and out of the lineup over the course of the season. Though Krejci has dealt with other injuries over the past two seasons — a knee injury last season, a shoulder injury this season — correcting the hip is his priority as he begins the offseason.

“It’s been bothering me for 20 or so games,” Krejci said of the hip. “But we have a good medical staff here, and they got me through games, so I felt like I was still in decent shape to play games and help the team, and there’s been game where I’ve felt pretty good. So, I was able to finish the season [and was] ready to play playoff games.”

Added Krejci: “I’m looking at it kind of two ways. One is, yeah, it’s been a nagging injury from last year and missing that half a season. And then this year, I felt maybe the best I ever felt my first 50 games, and then I missed some games because of my shoulder injury, and after I came back, it was never the same. And the hip, the nagging injury kind of kept coming back, and it got to the point that we’ve been talking surgery for a while now.”

The surgery will be the same procedure Krejci had in 2009, when Dr. Brian Kelly repaired a hip impingement. Kelly will also be doing Krejci’s upcoming procedure, which Krejci said will happen “in the next week or two.”

Playing in 72 games this season, Krejci had 17 goals and 46 assists for 63 points this season.

In other injury news, Brett Connolly revealed that it was a sprained MCL that kept him out of the Bruins’ last five games, while Dennis Seidenberg missed the final five games of the season due to a strained adductor. Neither Connolly nor Seidenberg will require surgery.

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Zdeno Chara: Bruins ‘got absolutely embarrassed’ by Kings 02.09.16 at 10:23 pm ET
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The Bruins allowed 57 shots on goal — the most they’ve given up in a game since 1965 — in an ugly 9-2 loss to the Kings Tuesday. After the game, the team hardly sounded like a group pushing for the second spot in the Atlantic Division and more like a fledgling team chasing the prowess it had in years past.

“We got absolutely embarrassed,” Zdeno Chara said. “They played a really good game, but we had nowhere near the game that we needed to play. It was embarrassing.”

The B’€™s allowed seven straight goals after taking a 1-0 lead in the first period. The loss dropped them to 1-7-0 against Western Conference playoff teams this season.

“There are things that obviously are going to stay inside this locker room, but we just need to be better,” Chara said. “We need to perform better. We’€™ve had a few stretches where we’€™ve played well, we won some tight games and some big games and we were facing some challenges or teams on top of the league and we didn’€™t follow up with the performances that we had previous games. That’€™s again tonight’€™s case. It was embarrassing.”

Said David Krejci: “The way we lost, especially the second and third period, it’€™s just unacceptable. You should go out there even if you’€™re losing 6-1 after the second period and show some pride, you know? Try to show fans that we respect them coming here. We don’€™t want to get booed in our own building. We didn’€™t respond. It was embarrassing.”

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David Krejci looks set to return 01.20.16 at 1:47 pm ET
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Based on Wednesday’€™s practice, the Bruins can probably expect the return of David Krejci in either Thursday’€™s game against the Canucks or Saturday’€™s meeting with the Blue Jackets.

Krejci was one of four forwards skating on Boston’€™s second line, joining Ryan Spooner, Loui Eriksson and Matt Beleskey. Perhaps most telling was the fact that he returned to his spot on Boston’€™s top power play unit on the point with Torey Krug.

The Bruins will need to make a roster move in order to activate Krejci from injured reserve, as the team is currently at the 23-man roster limit. One possible move would be to put Landon Ferraro, whom the team says is day-to-day with a lower-body injury, on injured reserve. Because Ferraro last played on Saturday, the team could put him on IR retroactive to Sunday and he would only have to miss the next two games before being eligible to return on Monday against the Flyers.

With Krejci back in practice, the forward lines looked as follows:


Colin Miller skated on the point of Boston’€™s second power play unit, suggesting he could possibly return Thursday after being a healthy scratch in Boston’€™s last two games.

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